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The  Use of Statistician for Your  Infographic Video

Every day the online market sees hundreds of infographics mostly published on trade publications, emails, and blogs which are then shared and spread in the social networks. Previously we have published an article about infographic video design templates. We would recommend you to read it.

What is Infographics?

Infographics or information graphics are representations of data, information, or knowledge with combination of graphics and visual effects intended to showcase complex information in a clearly and quickly manner. It is now widely used to enhance cognition and visual ability to your target audience in order  to perceive patterns and trends. This process of infographics creation and development is then referred as information architecture, information design, or data visualization.  A simple infographic software application is commonly used in newspapers to show site plans, graphs for statistical data, maps, and weather updates.

The Importance of Infographics in Building a Brand 

Nowadays, every online entrepreneur see infographics  as the paramount piece  of one’s business digital collateral. The main purpose is to increase their return on investment (ROI) through creating valuable online content. However, graphic may cost you a lot especially if the picture needs a visualizing data to be published for the first time.

When infographics  became known in the digital scene five years ago, the dry world of digital media turned into a visual feast. No one liked to use white papers, Excel graphs, bullets points, and bar charts. It only proves that infographics became immediately popular among IT experts and web users.

Infographics enables businesses, individuals, and schools to make video and online presentation quickly and easily. Business owners use to train employees, to discuss complex topics, and show soft ideas. People use them to make their loved ones laugh and visualize a song. Moreover, educators and students use them to showcase their higher-order learning skills such as their creative thinking skills and critical thinking skills inside the classroom. With little supervision in designing and creating an infographic video, students can turn various icons, graphs and layouts into a persuasive story. 

What you should look for?

At present, one of the most widely used platform in the digital world in making  infographics  is just within your reach.  Statistician is known for its massive info graphics kit that contains 12 major components to help your info graphics construction. It offers 28 grid designs, 111 inforgraphic icons, 14 quickstart slides, 16 color themes, and 7 inspiration themes. With these great features, you are sure of making an eye-catching content which is easy to understand. Making use of Statistician is a stepping stone to build your brand and create an impression with your target audience.

On the other hand, your data will be more meaningful and easy to understand with the use of after effects video template. With Statistician, you can easily decide for sizes, colors, data, etc.  Believe that you can stand above from your competitors by making animated infographic videos. Don’t bother yourself from putting graphical data on PowerPoint slides with outdated animation. What you need is a fully-animated videos with infographic components which is more cost effective and quick to create. The video pace can be customized to make it more dynamic and engaging. The after effects video is something that people will make an interest to your content. Remember that in the world of technology people are looking for more savvy and convenient technology. With the aid of Statistician, your target audience can just sit back and relax while absorbing the infographic video with educational eye candy. This type of  infographic content is something that people love to share.

Get Started!

If you are a web developer, designer, musician, or artist, you need to have an info graphics kit which is very valuable in your profession. The ready-to-use slide Quickstart is a useful tool for presentation template and get you started quickly. You can expand the default components in Statistician to develop eye-popping designs. To get some ideas, you can check the Envato ‘s online tutorial library  to get ready and create unique infographics.

If you are looking for professional infographic software, Envato is the right place to visit. With Envato ‘s Statistician, you can turn your content, ideas, and data into a comprehensive, tasty, and appealing  infographics that are suitable for print, web, and video purpose.

What is the best tool in creating an infographic video?

After effects video is now possible with Statistician. You can make a short informative video clips with moving parts, timed sountrack, narration, and animated text.

Creating an animated infographics will make an impactful effect on your clients. It’s no secret that the world of digital era is shifting to animation such as whiteboard animations, explainer videos, and animated infographics and after effects video is becoming the most effective way to improve the customer experience and engage them to take action.

Now that the industry is embracing the power of infographics, it is time for you to create more innovative infographics  and put your web content, PowerPoint presentations, tradeshow posters, annual reports, email campaigns, reports, investor decks, blogs, etc. into the next level. Take advantage with what the world of infographic can do for your business.

Why make an infographic video?

  • In just a couple of clicks of your fingertips, you can easily convert your infographic into an amazing video.
  • You can add music, narration, or timed soundtrack to make your online content or media presentation more engaging.
  • You can download the video and share it with your target audience through social media, emails, and blogs.

Why choose infographic video template?

This templates has the following amazing features to help you create a beautiful video infographics  and online presentations.

  • quick and easy to use

Templates has unique set of visual elements, ready-made templates, and build-in themes to make your infographic  become easy to use.

  • web-based

Everything about this templates is web-based with the most compelling web technology.

  • fully scalable

Infographics use the most responsible designs which can be used in different projects and electronic device.

  • developer-friendly

It contains basic features with rich text editing to make your infographic video more customized.

  • mobile-ready

It can be utilized on as many platforms as possible to make more convenient anywhere you go.


Corporate Video Package

This After Effects project is a great way to profile your company and its services. The clean, corporate look is setup so that you can easily use it for any type of business or nonprofit. This corporate video pack will work great to promote any type of business wanting to showcase their services or products. It is super quick and easy to setup. Just drop in your images/videos and type in the text you like and you are ready to go. If you would like to customize the project, it comes with numerous options to add to the video; including custom color options and the ability to add, remove or rearrange shots.


  • Includes Video Tutorial
  • No Plugins Needed
  • The project is modular, so you can easily add, remove or rearrange the shots. The tutorial also covers how to change the duration of shots, if you want to slow down the video.
  • Includes 99 Shots
  • 1920×1080 HD
  • Quickly & Easily change colors from one location
  • Shots Include: Pie Charts, Horizontal and Vertical Bar Charts, Comparative Bar Graphs, Company Timeline, Maps (World, Europe, US), Team, Customer Quotes, Client List, Line Graphs, Feature Comparisons, Product Features, Lists, Areas of Expertise, Contact Us, Social Links

Download here


Infographic Promo


  • version : AE CS5
  • resolusion : 1280×720
  • frame rate : 25 fps
  • length : 30 sec
  • 11 text placeholders, 1 paper texture
  • Contains video tutorial (How to paste your text)
  • Archive size: 65 mb
  • no plugins required !
  • Ready to use, easy to customize!

Download here


Kinetic Infographics Kit

2 KITS in 1 Template. If you want to make kinetic animations or use some infographics charts or graphs this is the template for you. All of the animations are done for you. You just have to change the text and values of the charts and you are done!


  • 30 Kinetic Scenes
  • 15 Infographic Scenes
  • Easy to customize
  • Change the colors easily in each scene
  • Change texts easily
  • Well organized template
  • 1920×1080 Full HD
  • No plug-ins required. 100% After Effects, no pre-renders.
  • After Effects CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC compatible
  • Tutorial included

Download here


Advertising Agency Infographics

Very cool and clean infographics presentation. Can be used for: Finance, Sales, Social Meida, Marketing, Real Estate, Agency, Data Review, Company Profile. This package contain 18 scenes. So you can combine them as you need.

  • 18 scenes
  • 1920×1080 px, 25 fps
  • Duration 02:20
  • Color easy customizable
  • Video tutorials included
  • Universalized expression (works with any AE’s language)

Download here


Infographics Mega Pack

Make your data beautiful and easy to understand with this very flexible infographics After Effects template! Each of the 20 unique charts comes with animated titles, easy-to-customize sliders and data entry elements. Perfect for infographic videos, annual reports, corporate or educational videos! All expressions have been universalized for compatibility with languages other than English. Colors are easy to change for all backgrounds, patterns, text, and data layers. Short but detailed video tutorials are available for each graph.

List of Charts Included:

  • 3D Globe Map
  • Average Data Line Graph
  • Circle Pie Chart
  • Comparison Bar Chart
  • Concentric Circle Chart
  • Concentric Circle Comparison Chart
  • Every Day Statistic
  • Exploded Concentric Circle Chart
  • Filled Area Graph
  • Flat Map Graph
  • Grouped Bar Graph
  • Horizontal Bar Graph
  • Horizontal Stacked Bar Graph
  • Line Graph
  • Line Graph with Dots
  • Money Stack Graph
  • Pie Chart with Data Inside
  • Radar Area Graph
  • Stacked Bar Graph
  • Vertical Bar Graph


  • 20 Unique Charts
  • Video Tutorials for each Chart
  • Modular Design lets you render each chart on it’s own
  • World Map and USA Map included
  • 9 Background Patterns
  • 8 Transitions
  • 1 Intro Logo Title Scene
  • 2 Main Title Scenes
  • Adobe After Effects CS4
  • TRT: (03:07) Main Preview

Download here


Flat Infographic Elements

Contains 2 Device displays, 2 UI displays, User profile displays, 28 animated icons, video players, with lots of graphs and charts. Everything is easily customizable and the colors for the entire project can change with the click of a button. There are also 5 unique transitions!

Easy controls to get stats and effects that match what you want to use. Infinite colors options, all of your choice, just with the click of a button.

  • All elements are expression driven and no plugins are required
  • Full 1080 HD render with the option to downsize
  • Compatible with CS6 and above
  • Detailed documentation so you know what your doing

Download here


Infographic Presentation

nfographics Presentation is very useful project to show your Business Features, Plan Growth & Success, Statics, Marketing, Analysis and more.


  • CS5 and above
  • Change shape colors with just a few clicks
  • No Plugins Required
  • Very easy to use
  • Includes Video Tutorial

Download here


Agency Infographics

Flat infographics project for presentation your team of designers, businessmen, engineers or etc.

  • 9 unique comp
  • 1280×720 px, 25 fps
  • 19 icons included in project
  • Color easy customizable
  • Video tutorials included

Download here


Elegant Corporate Package

This is a new project from elmake created exclusively for Videohive. It’s a unique collection of scenes, titles, transitions and bonus elements that can be used to create your own corporate presentations, infographics, promo videos and much more.

Project features:

  • No plugins required
  • 35+ unique scenes included. You can manage all them to create your own presentation
  • Project is good structured and very easy to use
  • 20 animated icons which can be used in the project
  • 3 Ready to work presentation included. Select one of them, edit informations and click render for fast result
  • Unique flexibility and power capabilities for deep editing
  • CS5+ compatibility
  • FullHD resolution

Download here


Minimal Infographics Presentation

Here is a minimal presentation for your site or app!

Project features:

  • No plugins required
  • Fast rendering
  • Very easy to use – just put your footages in placeholders and edit text
  • Full HD resolution (1080p)
  • Duration – 00:35
  • CS5.5, CS6 compatibility
  • Music track are not included

Download here


Animated Infographic Promo Template

Animated Infographic Promo Template for After Effects allows you to make your own Infographic Presentation in just few minutes of customization. Funny eye-catching animation guarantee that viewers will be interested in your work. With Animated Infographic Promo Template you can show great many information quickly and transparently.

In Animated Infographic Promo Template are also Expression Controls for every background colour that allows you to make color corrections according to your wishes without undue lost of time!

Main Features:

  • Clean Professional Infographic Promotion
  • Full HD 1920×1080
  • After Effects CS4, CS5 +
  • Color Controlls for all backgrounds
  • Resizable duration
  • Detailed PDF manual that show you everything step by step
  • No Pre-rendered elements
  • No plugins required

Download here


Epic – Corporate Presentation Suite

Epic is an After Effects project created exclusively for Videohive. It’s a collection of scenes, elements, lower thirds, titles and transitions that can be used to create corporate presentations, company profiles, portfolio presentations, annual reports, infographics, educational videos, promo videos and more.



  • 41 Scenes and Elements to tell your own story
  • 56 Media Placeholders
  • 16 Lower Thirds
  • 12 Title & Typography Styles
  • 4 Transitions
  • 4 minute Quick Video Guide to help you get started right away
  • 25 minute Video Documentation to help you with questions you might have
  • Single Elements can be combined together to make new scenes
  • 100% After Effects
  • Full HD (1920×1080)
  • 25FPS & 30FPS versions
  • The video preview is included as an After Effects Project that can be edited
  • A blank version of Epic is also included, so you can start your story from scratch
  • Easily customizable
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Assets are well organized in folders
  • Easily change theme colors across the entire project
  • Use Color Instances to easily apply theme colors on new elements
  • Infographics elements (Bars & Rings) are powered by our best selling item, Analyst
  • The only scene that requires plugins (Particular) is the Digital Cloud. For all other scenes, no plugins are required

Download here


Simon Explainer Video Toolkit


  • CS5 CS5.5 CS6 CC Compatible Project
  • Full HD resolution (1920×1080)
  • No plugins required.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Well Orginized Project.
  • Easy Controller
  • Universalizer Controller Included (Compatible with any language)
  • Tutorial with voice over included.

Project Includes

  • 16 Main Characters
  • 12 Character Animations
  • 12 Face emotions
  • 16 Haircuts (Male-Female)
  • 16 Hats (Male-Female)
  • 10 Animated Backgrounds (Home, Office 1-2, City, Village, Shopping, Travel, Construction, Soccer, Basketball)
  • 10 Infographics
  • 8 Hands
  • Elements Technology
  • Elements Shopping
  • Elements Environment
  • Elements Construction
  • Elements Furniture
  • Elements Destinations (New York, Paris, London, Pisa, Egypt, Amsterdam, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Athens, India, Sydney)
  • Elements Business
  • Elements Generic
  • Animated Text
  • Bubble Icons
  • Bubbles
  • Motion Shapes
  • Transitions
  • Social Media
  • Logo Stings

Controller Features:

  • Controls for each Character
  • Controls for all items

Download here


Promote Your Company – Online Marketing


Edit the text, drag and drop your logo and render. Thats it. Simple.

  • This is a marketing or Promotion Infographic by which you can promote your company or service.
  • Clean, corporate style presentation.
  • There are 31 text placeholders and place to add your logo or caption.
  • Perfect for online marketing, Search engine optimization company or Brand Promotional Agencies.
  • No Plugins required. However a plugin version(echo space) is also included.
  • You can change to any color easily.
  • 1920×1080 size
  • 1 Min 50 Sec Long
  • Fast Render
  • Contains 6 mins long Video Tutorial
  • CS 5 and above

Perfect For:

  • Brand Promotion
  • Website / Company / Service Promotion
  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization Company
  • Infographic related to earth
  • Internet Marketing

Download here


Universal Corporate Presentation

This is an animated promotional video for your business or product. The main idea was making business base promo animation with lots of feature and with possibility to change the story. So this pckage comes with 28 scenes including social , internet, infographic and corporate animations. Hope you’ll like our corporate promo animation.


– Change the colors
– No plug-ins required
– Change texts easily
– Well organized template
– Helpful documentation

Download here


Corporate Typography & Infographic Template

The idea is to create a simple and clean presentation about making business, based on typography. This package contain 15 scenes including corporate animation, social, infographic, etc.


  • Easily change colors
  • Universalized Expression
  • No plug-ins required
  • Organize template with ease
  • Helpful Documentation

Download here


Corporate Typography & Infographics Pack

The “Corporate Typography and Infographics Pack” is an After effects CS5.0 Full HD template coming with 45 included scenes, dynamic infographics charts, animated maps, kinetic typography, 30 color themes, bonus animations and more…

This template has a modular structure very flexible allowing you to customize (or build your own) a storyboard very easily in an intuitive way. Automated colors system and 30 color themes.

This pack includes two storyboards, 45 scenes as separate aep files (so, you can easily import each of them into your ae project), bonus scenes and animations, icons…
No plug-in required. Included PDF help file & 3 online video tutorials (+/- 18 minutes).
Watch the various HD previews by clicking on the above blue (v) pictures.

Download here