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Mobile app or Web app?


The most important issue of mobile strategy of a company is to make a mobile app or web app? Some companies really do not need a mobile app (iOS or Android) but they need to make their website easy readable on small screens of mobile devices. But if your website have a good attendance of mobile users, there is another question: Do you need a mobile app? The answer to that question today is quite different from what will probably be in the future.

Present: Mobile Application

Currently, it is not necessary to think too much, make the application for mobile platforms. Research conducted by usability guru Jakob Nielsen shows clearly that users can quickly and easily manage with applications than with mobile versions of websites. Desktop / full websites that displays on mobile devices give the most headaches to users of mobile devices, ie. smartphones.

Why are applications for mobile devices better for users?

Mobile apps are much easier to use than mobile page because the mobile web can only partially meet the needs and in most cases it is in the process of website design. Application on the other hand can be targeted to specific restrictions and possibilities of each unit, and highlights the advantages of minimizing the limitations of each device. When is mobile weaker it is necessary to invest more in the optimization of the application itself. The possibility of a micro payment or payment within the application (In App Purchase) is an additional possibility that must not be forgotten.

Future: Mobile website

The costs of development of mobile applications over time will increase, primarily because it will be mor platforms for the development and more specific devices. As a minimum, the application will need to support iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Furthermore, many of these platforms is likely to be divided into more sub-platforms that require different applications for decent customer usability.

On the other hand, developing of mobile web is much simpler and cheaper, both today and in the future. Preparing a web page should be achieved in three formats for smart phones, “small” tablets (approximately) seven inch screens such as Galaxy Tab 7, 7.7 or Kindle Fire, as well as for large tablets like iPad or Samsung’s line of large tablets . While the differences in interface design for small tablets, preparation of design for smart phones that are under 5 inches requires a little more preparation and modification.

When replacement will happen?

That is a million dollars question! 🙂 In other words, when we’ll leave the mobile apps? Unfortunately, we can’t give you this response. At this point it is a weigh in each case. To choose mobile app or web app depends on the assessment of benefits and costs, on the individual business strategy, about what you’re offering… etc.

In the meantime, check this video infographic about 5 Tips for Building Engaging, Data-Driven Mobile Apps: