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How to Figure Out Which Online Store for Recycled Kids’ Clothing Is Trustworthy

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Parents need to be sure that the online store offering kids’ products is reliable. Parents are already spending a lot of money on their children’s items. Most of them are looking for good quality recycled kids’ items because investing in new things for their kids seems pointless since children outgrow them so fast.

There are retailers out there that offer excellent quality products and are trustworthy. For example, KidzMax offers 80% of kids’ clothing with its original tag on it. This retailer handpicks every item, ensuring that what they offer is only top quality and trustworthy.

Recycled kids’ clothing retail is a huge niche, but some sellers are not as reliable and trustworthy. There are various ways to check the reliability of a site. If a site does not seem reliable to you, here are some tips to evaluate it and see if it is trustworthy before purchasing an item.

Check the Domain

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Checking the domain of the site is the first step. If it has an unfamiliar foreign extension such as .ml, .ga, or a strange subdomain, and if it’s a slight variation on well-known websites, that’s a sign that it could be fake.

Until recently, detailed information about the domain owner of the website could be verified with tools such as who. is but after the GDPR Regulation, this information is hidden and not freely available. Therefore, other indirect search methods have to be used.

Visit the About Us and Contacts Page

Most sites have pages where we can find a name, email, phone, or something else. If there is no contact information, such as a name (legal or of a person), phone number, address, and email, likely, this site is not so reliable. If there is no information about the store owner, it could also mean that the website is not legitimate.

In addition, there are fake names from free email platforms such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, and others. A trustworthy recycled kids’ clothes retailer would have an email under the same domain. We can verify names and emails for authenticity by doing a quick Google search for them.

View the Titles and Content on the Site

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Titles are crucial for every website. A low-quality website would have mixed titles and tags. For instance, if at the top you see “a baby girl’s dress,” the pictures and the information have to correspond. If the images are different from the information or the title, then there is something wrong. If there is such a problem with the site, you can close it without any doubt.

Social Media

Check if the retailer is on social media. See if they interact well with their page’s fans. Check if their page likes are real. See if there are any comments on items or other articles. If the retailer offers discounts, see if they publish these discounts on social media.

Articles and Reviews

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See if the retailer has links to any articles or reviews. The reviews should be by real people. If the website has many good reviews, then it is likely that it is trustworthy.

If the articles and reviews do not look real, it does not necessarily mean that the retailer is not trustworthy, but it warns us to be careful.


Check whether the information is reliable. Always read the information about the item. See if it is consistent. For instance, see if the sizes look real. This way, you will see if the retailer published reliable and trustworthy information about the item (text and images). Thoroughly look through the images of the item before you decide to purchase.

Price and Shipping Costs

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The price of the item should be neither too high nor extremely low. It is not so difficult to find second-hand clothing at affordable prices. However, if the price seems too good to be true, scrutinize it carefully before purchasing.

Shipping costs should also seem reasonable. You can check Amazon for this because it offers free shipping on many items. If Amazon’s shipping cost is similar to that of the recycled kids’ clothing retailer, then probably there are no problems with it.

Otherwise, ask yourself why the seller charges higher or lower shipping costs than Amazon does for a similar product. If you cannot find any reason behind it, do not purchase from them because they could try to charge you extra for items that you buy.

The above are just some of the ways to recognize whether or not a recycled kids’ clothing store is reliable. If every one of these indicators gives positive results, then it’s likely that there won’t be any problems with this store.

What Sources Does This Site Rely On?

If the retailer uses external information, check that first. It could be about the brand of the item or other external articles. See if the brand is real. You should always check if that information and its sources are reliable.

Check if the retailer has a link to any external articles. If so, open them and check if they are real. Scrutinize the information in these articles. Check every link that you see on this site. If something is wrong, it’s better not to buy from that store. If not all links lead to reliable sources, do not purchase from this retailer because there might be problems with their item descriptions.

The problem could be anything from unreliable information about the product or its origins or a poor-quality image of the item itself (for instance, no images of the front side). So make sure that at least a few links lead to reputable resources related to recycled kids’ clothing items before you decide to purchase from a specific store.

To Summarize

There are plenty of recycled kids’ clothing retailers out there. Many online stores offer recycled kids’ items, but only some are trustworthy. There are a few things to watch out for when checking if the retailer’s website is legitimate. Check the domain name, the contact information, and the “about us” page.

The email address should have the domain name instead of an email address from a free email platform like Yahoo! or Google. See if the information about the items is correct. KidzMax, for example, is a retailer with impeccable descriptions for each of their recycled kids’ items.

Before you purchase items from retailers, always look thoroughly through the pictures and see if the titles of the items match the pictures. Check the retailer on social media and look for reviews and articles before shopping. If everything looks good, do not hesitate to buy.