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How to Choose the Right Indoor Playground Design for Your Space: 5 Safety Features to Look For

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Are you looking for an exciting way to spruce up your indoor play area? Whether you’re a childcare center or looking to provide engaging activities for your own kids, you’ll need to choose the right indoor playground design. Let’s explore the exciting world of designing the perfect play space!

Considerations for Choosing the Right Design

One key factor is the size of the space you have available – make sure that you measure the exact dimensions, or find out the maximum area allowed by your local building regulations. This will ensure that you get a design that is well-suited to your space and also conforms to safety standards.

Consider also if you have any restrictions such as noise levels, as some of the more exciting designs may be louder than others. Another important factor will be who’s going to use it – for example, if it’s for younger children then safety must always be a priority when selecting a design. Consider features such as non-slip surfaces, anti-climb barriers, and padded railing systems designed particularly for kids’ safety in play areas.

Think also about how much supervision you need for adults or older children who are using the play area – some designs may require more chaperoning than others do. There are many other features available too, from modular construction sets to themed climbing walls and obstacle courses – it all depends on what type of experience you wish to create! Have fun exploring all of your options before making a decision, and consider hiring a professional designer if necessary!

Safety Features

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  1. Edge padding – Look for a design that has edge padding around the perimeter of the play area. This ensures that if children run into walls, corners, or other play equipment, they will be cushioned from impact and protected from injury.
  2. Anti-slip surfaces – Look for a kids’ indoor playground design with non-slip surfaces to help reduce the possibility of slips and falls. Non-slip surfaces will also provide stability on wet or dry days in the facility, ensuring that children stay safe while playing and running around.
  3. Protective netting – It can help keep balls and other loose objects out of reach if seen flying toward young players. This prevents objects from hitting someone’s head, as well as ensuring they cannot swallow them which could lead to choking or strangulation hazards.
  4. Ramps & Stairs – Make sure stairs are wide enough with non-skid treads so children do not slip when walking up or down stairs on busy days within the facility. Ramps should also be included in any good indoor playground designs so that children can access all areas of the playground safely without having to climb over obstacles like walls or rocks that could cause harm if not properly supervised by adults in the area.
  5. Fire Safety Features – Verify on your initial tour of potential designs whether any fire safety features are built into the structure such as sprinklers and smoke alarm systems; this will ensure you remain compliant with state laws regarding fire safety in public facilities like indoor play spaces for young children!


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The right playground design will depend on the space available, budget, intended audience, and type of business. Safety is paramount when choosing the materials and make of your playground components.

Be sure to explore all of your options when choosing an indoor playground design as there are a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials available for you to choose from. Ultimately, by taking into consideration all these factors you can create an exciting and safe indoor playground for your guests to enjoy.