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Expert Tips For Creating Addictive Content

creating addictive content

expert tips for creating addictive content

Researches has showed that, if you want to make profit and get noticed, addictive website content is your priority number one. You might wonder why is it so important to optimize content you are publishing? Well, if you think you don’t have any reason, lets put it this way. 50% of all content that is being published is never really read. Yes, you read that right. So the content amount is really massive. Just read what is happening every minute in the world as your read this text. 140 posts on new blogs are posted, almost 300,000 tweets have been sent, around 216,000 pictures have been posted on Instagram, 204,000,000 messages are sent and almost 2,500,000 parts of content are shared or posted on Facebook.

How to create addictive content

So when you know this, it’s the right question to ask how will you stand out with your content from all that information? Always try to research everything your competitors are posting. This way you can post something better and more attractive, more actionable and detailed. Put nice face on everything you do, and pay much attention to your design. You have to be awesome all the time and create content that will teach people. Make valuable blog posts. This will add a great value to the readers of your content and they will become loyal. People will always come back for articles that are more concentrated, because they can access all the required information in just one place. Go by the ideology that less is more, this actually means that you don’t need to post just about anything for the sake of posting. It’s better to just post one single post every week instead of 10 bad ones.

Tips For Creating Addictive Content

A great method of getting them attracted to your content is identifying their problems and trying to solve them, if they have any issues offer them solution. For example, you could write encyclopedia of allergies but it would not be worth to readers if you don’t describe them what they can do about their allergies. We as people are visual beings. This means that the way something is presented is very important. When you write text, include charts, pictures, colors, graphics and anything else that comes to your mind. Try to push the content to be on best sites covering your area.

You should always reuse your existing content into other forms. For example make guest posts, infographics, ebooks, speaking topics, podcasts and anything else your mind can think of. Pay big attention to your keywords. You can try with typing few keywords that have connection to your topic in Google search or use online tools. Addictive content is not all about selling, but more as a way to tell a good story, educate public about things they have issues, and provide information.