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How To Make a Long-Distance Friendship Thrive

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There’s nothing worse than two best friend’s moving to different cities for work or studies, etc., and losing touch. Yes, life happens, and people have too many responsibilities hogging up all their time, but that is no excuse to ignore your friends. Remember, once they meant the world to you?

Granted, that distance makes it tricky to maintain a friendship, and it comes with particular challenges, but it does not have to end. One of the issues is the physical proximity and the lack of shared activity. It leads to a lack of conversational topics in turn. Also, you often find yourself worrying if someone else has already taken your place in your friend’s life.

Don’t worry; we are here with some simple solutions and tips to make your long-distance friendship at free online dating site thrive.

#1 Brace For Challenges

Let’s start with the obvious. No relationship comes without challenges, and add some distance to it; there are bound to be more than usual. In a long-distance friendship, even if you promise to talk to each other every day and manage to do so initially, it will slowly come down to twice a week or so.

The chances of spontaneous meetings are out of the equation. Meeting up will not be remotely as easy as before. It will involve a lot of planning. Prepare yourself for these so that the transition is comparatively less taxing on your friendship.

#2 Rely On Technology

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So what if you can’t meet them? You can always call or text. If you don’t have time for either, send a meme. Technology will be your best friend in maintaining a long-distance friendship. Make good use of it.

Long-distance calls don’t cost a fortune anymore. And video calls are almost as good as a meet-up. You can see the facial expressions, your best friend’s famous eye roll that you missed so very much.

You can even watch a show together; there’s provision for that as well these days. Make the most of the advancing technologies and witness your friendship explore new avenues.

#3 Communication Is Your Priority

With limited opportunities for shared activities, long-distance friendships demand more on-call time. Keeping in touch is vital. Of course, we understand you can’t be on an hour-long phone call, but checking in every day is essential.

Send a few texts here and there. You never know, the distance might help you open up more, and you end up having more intimate and meaningful conversations.

#4 Grow With Your Friend

As friends, you certainly have had growth together. Now that you are in different cities, lean on each other through the ups and downs of moving to a new place, and help each other grow. Going through identical changes can bring you and your friend closer and strengthen the bond.

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Be there to support your friend even from afar.

#5 Jealousy Is Petty

Yes, I understand how insecurity can build with distance. You might hear your best friend going out with their new acquaintances or having a movie night with their new roommate. Quite naturally, you end up wondering whether you are getting replaced.

Now’s a good time to stop this train of thought. The arrival of a new person in your friend’s life does not mean they are cutting you off. Be happy they found some company in the new city.

#6 Real-life meet-ups

Are you tired of talking over the phone? Do you feel your bond loosening? You know the problem at hand and the solution to it. There is no comparison between meeting in person and talking over phone calls.

The latter does not hold a candle to the first. So, plan to meet up now and then. It will require some work, but your friendship deserves that.

How long can your long-distance friendship survive on old memories?

Final Take

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When moving places, we bring the things that mean the most to us. But we often have to leave behind what’s dearest to us; our friends. Long-distance friendships require a lot of work in comparison. But in the end, it is worth the effort we put into sustaining it.