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Kung Fu Hustle 2 – Release Date, Cast And Latest News

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The 1940-based comedy-action story made its way on the big screen in 2004. It has been fifteen years and fans are still hoping for a sequel. Whether the first part deserves a sequel or a reunion and if it will ever happen are the questions that we will answer in this article.

A Peek Into The Storyline

It is set with a backdrop of a slum area called, “Pig Sty Alley” where landlords rule their tenants. The story has the other side too. The other side is of a sophisticated town that is ruled by a gang called, “Axe Gang”. The gang is led by Brother Sum to capture the village by killing the landlords who reside there. Sing and Bone, two best friends, are part-time crooks.

They aspire to make it big in the world of crime by becoming a part of the Axe Gang. After their numerous attempts, Bone makes it to the gang while Sing does not. Sing begins to re-evaluate his personality and how much he has changed after meeting Fong. This has little impact on him and he continues with his struggle to become a part of the gang.

After being accepted by Brother Sum, Sing and Bone are directed to kill the landlady. During their mission, both of them have a change of heart and decide to protect the village from the gang. The first part concludes with residents and landlords of Pig Sty Alley emerging victorious and Sing & Bone opening a candy store.

The Cast

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Kung Fu Hustle had various actors portraying main and side characters. The main characters of Sing, Brother Sum, Landlady, the Beast, and Bone were portrayed by Stephen Chow, Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan, Yuen Qiu, Leung Siu-lung, and Lam Chi-Chung, respectively.

Sing has a natural talent for kung fu and that is something that he remains unaware of for a long time. Once he realizes it, he uses it to save the residents & landlords of the slum. Bone, his friend, too has a talent for kung fu and admires Sing very deeply.

The Beast is a kung fu master who gets hired by the Axe Gang to execute the mission of capturing the village. Brother Sum is the leader of Axe Gang who seeks to do whatever it takes to complete the mission. The landlady is the one who takes the initiative of protecting the slum from the gang.

When Can We Expect The Release

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The second part was scheduled to release very soon after the first part became a huge hit in the international market. However, it never went on the production floor due to creative differences among the makers of the film.

There are rumors on the internet about the second part releasing soon but Columba Pictures and Stephen Chow are yet to confirm the news or make an official announcement.

Things You May Want To Know About Kung Fu Hustle 2

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The first part ended with Sing and Bone settling their candy store. Hence, one can expect the arrival of a new gang that will disrupt their business, probably to take over their business forcefully.

Summing It Up

A reunion would be a spin-off and a sequel will take the first part forward. Until the time no official announcement is made, we can hope that either of these things happens at a good time.