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Fugitiva – Casting, Trailer, Review

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Fugitiva is a Spanish drama series originally premiered on RTVE. Now, the series is available worldwide on Netflix. The series depicts the selfless sacrifice of a mother, a victim of domestic abuse, to save her children from her abusive husband, his family, and his business enemies. 

A Peek Into The Storyline 

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Magda is a victim of domestic violence. She is in a toxic relationship with Alejandro, a pretty successful and wealthy businessman with many business enemies. Magda has three children- two twin girls and one boy. 

One day, her husband started receiving threat messages, warning calls, threatening videos, and similar things. Even though it was initially ignored to be inept, their son, Ruben luckily survived a bomb blast that was planted on Alejandro’s car. 

After the mishap, Magda mustered all confidence and approached her abusive husband, and tried to coax him to shift their residence to a safer location. However, he and his family rejected the suggestion. To get rid of continuous insistence from Magda’s side, her husband threatened to kill her and their children if she dared to speak about changing residence one more time. 

Magda, being a caring and selfless mother, wanted to save her children at any cost. She decided not to conform to her husband’s will, but at the same time, couldn’t escape very easily through proper channels. For this, she brilliantly fabricates an abduction of herself and her children, especially since the situations supported it, and escapes to Mexico. What will happen next? Watch and see!

The Cast 

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The series has five main characters and many supporting characters. Paz Vega played the role of Magda, the brave, selfless, brilliant mother of three children. To protect her children from her abusive husband and his enemies, she planned the abduction of herself with her children. 

Julio Bracho played the role of Alejandro, the abusive husband of Magda. He is a successful businessman and had many enemies. Alejandro appears to be a cruel and arrogant person, a rude husband, and a failed father.

Arantza Ruiz beautifully played the role of Paulina, and Lusia Rubino played the role of Claudia, the two twin daughters of Magda. Ivan Pellicer played the role of Ruben, son of Magda. 

Other characters include Edu (Lander Otaola), Tobias (José Manuel Poga), Nora (Mercedes Sampietro), Melina Matthews (Isabel), Ricardo (Sebastian Montecino), Velasco (Matt Fowler), and Amadeo de Juan (Philip Hersh). 

When Was The Release

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Fugitiva was released on 5th April 2018 and concluded on 7th June 2018 with 9 episodes. The drama series was released on Netflix on 23rd November 2018. Even though informal talks are going on, considering the grand success of the show and gigantic fanship, there is no official announcement of Fugitiva Season 2. 

Summing It Up

With only nine episodes, Fugitiva earned a tremendous fan following and excellent ratings. The unique storyline depicting a selfless mother faking her own and her children’s abduction to save them from her husband and his business rivals is simply amazing and interesting. Considering the huge success of the show, we cannot totally undermine the possibility of a second season.