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Hinamatsuri Season 2 – Review and Release Date 2024

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It’s a manga series that has been created for today’s youth. Hinamatsuri’s amusing plot has caught the attention of many. Season one was a hit. The audience is looking forward to season two.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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Season one has a very strong storyline which can give us hints as to what we can expect in season two. The story revolves around Yoshifumi Nita. He is a member of a transnational organized crime group called Ashikawa-gumi. He is somewhere in between the game. The series is an intense mixture of action and drama.

Life has been portrayed with a comical view. The obstacles of life which Yoshifumi faces are shown with humor.

A girl named Hina who seemed to be quite ordinary ends up surprising Yoshifumi in his apartment. She lands in his house after coming back from the future. She is an advanced species of homo sapiens with surreal powers.

Yoshifumi’s life completely changes as he can’t even live comfortably in his own house. Hina enters Yoshifumi’s life and things take a turn. He ends up taking care of her. There is a twist to the story. Hina has magical powers.

Yoshifumi becomes a father figure for her. He protects her and treats her like his own child. Hina’s arrival in the city brings along many negative events. These events shake the whole city and things turn upside down. Hina’s friends and family come from the future to take her back. Her enemies also end up coming back to kill her. Season two is going to be a continuation of this interesting story.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

The lead characters of season one will also be seen in season 2. Hina Nitta crash lands in the past. Gradually they start developing a bond for each other. Yoshifumi treats Heena like his daughter and eventually ends up accepting her as a part of his family. He even introduces Hina as his daughter before his sister and mother.

Hina is not cooperative. She acts like a stubborn child and follows her heart. She gets admitted into a school but hates studying. At home, she just lies around and plays video games. Yoshifumi has a hard time managing Heena.

Yoshifumi Nitta is the protagonist of the story. He is a member of the Ashikawa-Gumi yakuza and later on is promoted as the lieutenant of the group. He takes care of a girl who crashes into his house in the future. She threatens to destroy all his furniture if he doesn’t let her stay in his house. She is the daughter of an imprisoned Yakuza.

Anzu is Hina’s rival. She is also from the future and has magical powers. She is sent back from the future to kill Hina.

There are many other characters like Hitomi, Utako, and Mao. The creators are thinking of adding new characters to season two.

When Can We Expect The Release

 Season two would be released between 2024-2022. Season one was broadcasted in 2018. The makers of the show have yet not started the production of the new season. The fans of the show are looking forward to season two’s trailer.

Summing It Up

Hinamatsuri is a series that has won many hearts. It was a magazine series and then was adopted into a tankobon series. The anime series has gained the most viewers due to its animation and storyline.