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5 Reasons Why Selling on eBay is Perfect as a Side Hustle – 2024 Guide

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a little bit of extra cash on the side even though you do have a job that pays nice. Having a few hundred dollars more every month can feel quite good because you can spend it on anything you want. All those luxuries that seemed too expensive in the past, can now finally become affordable. But, with so many people doing jobs on the side, it can be difficult to find something that can bring your profit. But, selling on eBay these days may be the perfect side hustle.

However, starting to sell items on eBay out of nowhere is not as easy as it sounds. You will first have to figure out how this entire platform works, what you will have to do, how much you can profit out of this, what you will sell, and a few other things.

Do not worry, it is not as complicated as I made it sound. With a little bit of research, I am sure that you can start selling on eBay in no time. But, you are not here reading this article looking for a guide, you are here looking for something that will convince you to start this as a side hustle. Well, look no further because I am going to give you the top reasons why you should start selling on this platform.

1. You can start tomorrow

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Starting a brand-new side hustle out of nowhere is not exactly a simple task. It usually requires investment in both time and money. But, when it comes to selling on eBay that is an entirely different story. These days, it is so easy to set up an account in an online store where customers can access the product that you are selling. In other words, if you wanted to, you could open up your online store on eBay tomorrow or even today.

Obviously, I would not recommend doing that because it would be best that you do some research first and then make some decisions. Figure out how this entire system works and how you can make a profit from the items that you plan on selling.

2. You can sell anything you want

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On this platform, you are not limited in any way. You can basically sell anything you want. Your phone, your camera, your computer, canned food, vehicles, or whatever else you can think of. Obviously, some of these things will require a lot of work or will not be profitable, but that is not important. What I am trying to tell you is that you are free to sell whatever you want on eBay.

So, when you start, naturally, you will not be selling brand-new products that come with a warranty. No, you will first start with products that you own but do not need. For example, your old computer. It may be worth just $20, but $20 is a lot more than zero dollars while taking up space in your home or in your storage unit.

Stay open-minded and think about all the things you could put on sale on your eBay account. Old computer parts, and all the camera and even your phone. There are millions of people out there searching through the market, willing to buy all kinds of things. Yes, there are some people that want to buy a flip phone. Maybe they want to use it as a prop, maybe they want to salvage it for parts or just keep it as memorabilia. To you, it should not matter.

But, if you plan on offering all kinds of things, you will need to earn the trust of eBay customers. And that is not an easy feat. If you want this kind of side hustle to be successful, you will have to ensure that your products always have positive feedback as suggested by Fastintell.com. Otherwise, people will be very skeptical when purchasing older items, especially older tech and other electronics.

3. Faster transactions

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This whole process of buying and selling on this website is faster than you think. Sure, the item is sent to shipping in it needs to reach the customer, but once that customer presses that buy button, you get your money immediately. Whenever you are in need of some quick cash, this is the perfect place.

The transactions are almost immediate. Although, I do think I should mention that an unsatisfied customer is also able to make a refund. eBay offers great customer support and good refund policy, so usually, those unsatisfied customers get their money back. But, if you make good offers on your account and all of your products are reliable, there will be no reason for refunds.

4. You can start and stop anytime you want

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I first made the point that you can start with this kind of side hustle tomorrow if you wanted to. You could even start today if you know what you are going to be offering. Another advantage is the fact that you can stop with your sales whenever you want. There is no punishment for being inactive on eBay. You can log off the website and leave your store for months, but when you feel like you have some free time again to make some sales, you can just hop on back on the website and sell all the things that you do not need.

5. You can sell as much as you want

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Relating to the previous paragraph, you can also put up as many items you want on sale. You do not need any kind of premium or VIP membership on eBay. Your account is completely unlocked and you are not limited in how many products you can list on your online store. If you want, you can just put up one item a day or you could list thousands of different items every single day. The possibilities are simply endless.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why making eBay your side hustle is so beneficial. I hope that this article will be enough to show you that.