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How to Know if Your Patio Furniture Is Durable and Weather Resistant?

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We assume that even if you have a yard for the first time and you are buying outdoor furniture for the first time, you know that you have to buy furniture adapted to outdoor conditions. You must not make a mistake and think that indoor furniture can be used outside, otherwise it will deteriorate very quickly. And it is certain that you do not want that, but that you want your outdoor oasis to last as long as possible.

That is why you will decide to invest in outdoor furniture, which is usually a bit more expensive but can withstand the adverse effects of sun, humidity, rain and other weather conditions for years. However, although many manufacturers advertise their furniture as suitable for outdoor use, this does not mean that it is really that durable and that you will not notice wear and tear after the first year of use. In this article, we will explain in detail how to know if your patio furniture is durable and weather resistant. And what steps to take to further extend its service life.

How to know if your patio furniture is durable and weather resistant?

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It would be great if we could answer this question briefly and concisely. However, it is not that simple. There are a large number of different materials on the market from which patio furniture is made. Also, some have parts made of fabric, which changes the situation.

Then, it is not the same whether you live in a hot and dry place or a place where rains are frequent and that is why the air humidity is constantly high. All this affects the choice of furniture, its maintenance and the extent to which it is durable and weather resistant. Because no material is 100% indestructible, if you just leave it exposed to the most varied weather conditions for years.

In the rest of the text we will go through the most popular materials for patio furniture, as well as some factors that are important to consider. Only then will we be able to give you a comprehensive answer to the question in the title.


Different types of wood, metal, resin and plastic are the most common materials. Sometimes you will come across tempered glass tables as well as concrete furniture, but not so often. Let’s take a look at each material individually.

1. Wood

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Wood has been used to make furniture for thousands of years and there are many reasons why this is so. Although there are so many new materials, few can match wood in beauty, but also in durability, when treated properly.

Hardwood, like teak and eucalyptus, is used. If you have furniture made from these two and some other similar hardoowds, you can be quite sure that it is durable, weather resistant, and resistant to insects. Cracks won’t show up, and maintenance isn’t complicated either. This type of furniture is characterized by a higher price. Softwoods can also be used, but require protection during the winter and are nowhere near durable.

Wicker and rattan are an interesting choice too. They are cheaper than wood, and very durable and weather resistant. As you can see at icosiest.com, they don’t lag behind the wood in appearance either. We should not forget environment too. These are sustainable and eco-friendly materials, since those plants grow fast unlike hardwoods that need decades to grow. So you should definitely consider wicker and rattan when buying patio furniture.

2. Metal

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Stainless steel and aluminum are the most popular types of metals for outdoor furniture, as well as wrought iron. These are very durable types of metals that can be exposed to the weather all year round without rust. Aluminum is in particular resistant to rust and requires close to zero maintenance. Also, the look of metal furniture is very nice, especially made of wrought iron and can be well combined with other materials. For example, with pillows. The disadvantage is that the metal retains heat. Wood finish aluminum is a timber look appearance on aluminum surface, it looks like wood, but no maintenance.

3. Resin and plastic

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From synthetic materials, it is best if you have furniture made of resin and plastic. These two materials are increasingly pushing metal and wood because they are cheaper, much easier to shape and very durable. Furniture made of these two materials can be in any shape you want, whatever colors you want and the like. They are the easiest to maintain, so they will last the longest with the least effort. Metal and wood can last equally long, but you must not leave them unattended.

Factors to consider

Now that we’ve told you what’s most important to know about materials, it is the time to consider a few factors that will influence what you choose. Because certainly not every material is equally durable and resistant to the same type of weather.

1. Moisture

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Moisture is the first and most important factor to consider. You probably first associate moisture with the rain that often falls. But you can also live in a high humidity area where it doesn’t rain so often. That is why it is most important to know the average percentage of humidity in another area. Because moisture can negatively affect any type of material. It affects the rotting of wood, the corrosion of metals and so on. So if you live somewhere that is high humidity, you need to buy special substances to protect your patio furniture, and it may be necessary to cover it in the rainiest part of the year.

2. Heat

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Another factor is the number of hours of sunshine and the average temperature. People living in very warm areas have certainly noticed how their furniture fades quickly and how cracks appear on the wood because the wood is too dry. Also, metal furniture is getting too hot. To avoid logistical problems, position the metal furniture in the shade, and regularly maintain the wood so that it does not fade and crack.


We hope you have learned all that is necessary to be able to draw a conclusion as to whether your patio furniture is durable and weather resistant. And if so, to what extent, because it is also very important