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How Much does Furniture Removal Services Cost – 2024 Guide

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Moving is hard enough without having to think about additional costs and logistical problems. Some of us accumulate a lot of stuff over time, some we need, most we don’t, but this is the reality.

Whenever you have spent a certain amount of time in one place you grow to love it and you start collecting things. Besides things that you need in life to function properly, you also start collecting things you fall in love with just because…

These are the things that end up costing us more when we need to move. Finding a new home, picking the right place to settle next, choosing the neighborhood is stressful enough without having to think about the transportation of your things, plus the cost of removing the junk you don’t need, from the old place to the new one.

Today we will discuss removing your stuff and we will inform you on pricing that you will need to consider because nothing in life comes cheap. As you will see in the article, the prices of removing your furniture will differ, mostly thanks to different factors that will be elaborated below. If you need more info or a quick and free estimate on your furniture removing costs try getngoremovals.com.au and see what they have to tell you.

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OK, so when moving you need to think about the cost of your unnecessary stuff being transported to junk. The costs can differ depending on factors which we will discuss later on, but there is one thing to mention as well. If you are moving and if you do not have a lot of stuff with you sometimes it is easy to rent a truck and do this by yourself.

It does require a bit of physical strain on your part but it can and usually pay off. When smaller hauls are in question you should consider this because most times your furniture removal will cost you by certain factors that will not consider the amount of furniture at all.

To not confuse you even further here are all those factors that can influence the price of your furniture removal costs. They will vary from company to company but this is really what you have to pay attention to! Location is one of the biggest things that influence the price of furniture removal.

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With the current gas prices going haywire everywhere you can expect that per mile transportation will be a bit more expensive. If you are out of luck and there aren’t any removal companies near you then those that will need to come and do this will charge you even more. The closer they are to you the better and the closer the junkyard or disposal company is the better as well.

This is one of the most obvious factors and it is one of the biggest so it had to be mentioned, although we know that you already figured that out. You should also be noted that there are companies that want to hold on to a customer and do not pay attention to the mileage of the transportation, but hold on to other factors that can be costly as well.

What is the haul? This is that other factor that can drive up the price of removing. Depending on what the company is called to haul away will greatly influence the price. If you have smaller items that you don’t need, that are not too bulky or heavy the prices will be lower.

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If you decided to get rid of an old dresser, bed, old broken piano for instance, then you will see that the estimate changes fast. Smaller and easy-to-handle items are a lot cheaper than those that require finicking and maneuvering around the house and the transport vehicle. These are the items that will strain the movers and they will require you to pay for that.

Height is another factor that impacts the price of furniture removal. The taller you live the worse the price. This is only worse if you have large and bulky items that need to be carried down through several flights of stairs. This is where the removal companies charge the most, and this is where you will see a big difference in the price of someone removing stuff from a ground home and someone who is getting rid of things from a second or third-floor apartment.

We nearly forgot one thing. Since the beginning, we have started talking about removing old furniture like it is all going to the dumpsite, but there are other ways removing company can get rid of your unwanted furniture, and it can affect the price of the haul as well. When we talk about Disposal means we need to inform you that your removal company can choose the way to dispose of your trash.

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If they find someone willing to take your stuff and repurpose it or reuse it then the fees will be smaller. An example of this is Goodwill of course where they will take many things that can be reused or repurposed but what they won’t accept is stuff like mattresses, old carpets and similar things. Those have to go to the nearby dump and stuff like that can affect pricing because the dump charges for disposing of things like that.

There are those furniture removals that are environmentally friendly and that recycle and reclaim old furniture. This is a neat practice were you, if possible, repurpose old furniture into something you can use again and keep it in circulation for a while, instead of throwing it into a landfill.

In a conclusion we don’t want to get you all scared about pricing, because reading this without some solid numbers, you probably are thinking about a huge number. The reality is that although these factors look and sound expensive, they aren’t. if you have a truck full of furniture to dispose of you can expect that such a haul might end up costing you around $500-$1,000, again depending on the load and the weight and dimensions of items. The lowest fees you can expect are in a ballpark of $100-$300 for a few items.