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Into The Minds Of Women Who Game Online

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Into The Minds Of Women Who Game Online

Did you know that women who are  playing online games have more sex and are more social then those who don’t play? It’s not true that only introverted, overweight depressed boys in their adult or teenage years are spending time playing their console games. According to one performed study, more then 55% of gamers that are playing online be it on mobile phones or computer are actually women. For instance, 42% of women gamers are socializing with their family and friends in person at least once a day. What really surprised me is that women are actually buying more games for consoles then men, even for Nintendo and not just big brands like Playstation or Xbox. One of female gamers said that she believes if all women watched less TV and played video games, they would also have little more sex too. But all the jokes aside women are really embracing video games.

There are many surprising and interesting facts about female population that are playing video games. More then half of women that are gamers are in serious relationship. 64% are living with partner or even married. 22% have never been married and 14% are either widowed, divorced or separated. Seven out of ten women said that they have happy relationship with their men.  They were also asked how much are they satisfied on a scale from one to ten. 71% of women gamers said that they would rate status in relationship with 6 or even above. There’s an opinion that women who are spending more hours playing games are not active in real life abandoning daily tasks and obligations but that’s not true either. As some tests showed there is simply no difference between no gamer and gamer women when it comes to this. Almost 50% of females who are both playing and not playing games are participating in sport activity at least once a week too.

Women are not playing for the sole purpose of connecting with someone else online. As a matter of fact only 16% of female population are playing exactly for connecting with others. Much more popular reasons for playing games are:  having a mental break which is 58%, stress relieving about 61% and just because of plain boredom which is also 58% of females. Some women also said that they feel happier and more smarter while playing. Women who have kids are more likely to play when their children are going to bed. 38% of women are gamers that have kids under 18 years old and 61% of women are playing between 8:00 pm-12:00 pm

Female gamers can also be divided into different categories: competitors, immersives, bonders, minders and dabblers. For example immersive women are those who can play almost forever, and bonders are playing more for the reason of connecting with family or friends. I think it’s really cool to see girl or women playing video games.