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Are Online Slots The Most Popular Gambling Game in Indonesia

Although most individuals don’t realize this, all gambling games are prohibited in Indonesia. However, this doesn’t really suggest that people cannot enjoy such pastimes over there, and one of the most successful and commonly played games is online slots, mostly because it’s less daunting for them to cover their tracks by using a VPN.

But, besides the aforementioned reason, why are online slots the most popular gambling game in Indonesia? What makes it so popular and special among the locals? Fortunately, this is exactly what we’ll talk about today, so, here is a list of reasons why online slots are becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia:

1. They Can Play For Free, Yet Earn Real Money

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One of the first reasons why online slots are so popular with people in Indonesia is that they can play them for free, yet, they can still earn real money! How is that possible? Well, for starters, the owners of these sites understand that some individuals might not have the cash to play, however, if they allow them to play for free, they could earn real money, which means that they might come back and spend that money for playing slots.

Besides this, all new clients are given money to play some slot games, which suggests that basically anyone can choose to play online. Additionally, most casinos such as apislot88 that offer an online slot with the biggest jackpot in Indonesia value their returning and loyal clients, hence, if they have spent a lot of time and money on playing, they’ll most likely award them with some cash to continue playing.

2. It’s Easy to Bypass The Government

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, gambling is completely illegal in this nation. What does this mean? Well, it means that there are no brick-and-mortar casinos (physical locations) where people can go to and spend time in. Because of this, most individuals will opt for enjoying such games over the Internet. So, how do they guarantee that they cannot get caught by the government?

Technology. All that the locals will need to do to bypass the government is to install a VPN that’ll mask their IP addresses and locations. It gets even better because VPNs come at an affordable price – and sometimes free – meaning that almost everyone can purchase it and use it. Of course, another important requirement is that they need to have a stable Internet connection, which most individuals have.

3. They Get Huge Deposit Bonuses

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Most casinos – in this particular nation and others as well – offer deposit bonuses to their clients. However, in Indonesia, they are incredibly high. This is also something that has helped make online slots so popular and played by thousands of people there. In order to receive the bonuses, all they have to do is to create an account, connect their credit card with it, and then, they have to deposit some money into the account.

This is one of the most beneficial and used advertising strategies in the country, mostly because it has attracted thousands of people to online slots. Additionally, since it’s illegal to gamble there, most organizations choose to market their websites on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, hence, if you’re looking for some games to play, you should check such platforms out to discover what you can play.

5. They Can Play For Anywhere And at Any Time

Any individual can play online slots at any time and anywhere. Despite the fact that all gambling games are illegal, the locals still choose to play them and all they’ll require is their smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop, as well as an Internet connection and they’ll be good to go. Also, since there are no brick-and-mortar casinos, customers won’t have to leave their homes, meaning that they can enjoy slots from the comfort of their living room.

There is also a wide range of online casinos available in the country, and these are either owned by Indonesians or by foreigners that discovered that it’s a really profitable business, however, if it’s owned by a foreigner, they have to ensure that they offer the sites on Indonesian. Why do they need to do this? By doing so, they can attract more and more people to their platform, hence, they could ensure that they generate high revenue.

6. A Variety of Games

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Next on the list is the fact that there is a wide range of slots to choose from. No matter what site you opt for using, you’ll see that there are thousands of options to opt from, hence, people won’t get bored quickly, instead, they might feel motivated to try as much of them as possible. Because of this, online slots are the most commonly played casino games in Indonesia. Of course, besides slots, there are other options as well.

7. Quick Transactions

Last on the list, but equally a big reason as everything else we mentioned on this list, is the fact that almost all online casinos in this nation offer quick and easy transactions. This means that they have to open an account, play some games, and transfer their winnings to their bank account.

It’s worth mentioning that most platforms ensure that the transactions are reliable, safe, and secure, hence, most people feel confident in using online platforms for gambling. This is, perhaps, one additional reason why the locals truly enjoy online slot machines.


Although it’s prohibited to gamble in Indonesia, the people there have found ways to bypass the government. As you now know, one of the most popular games is online slots, mostly because they can be played for free and earn real money, and more importantly, there are deposit bonuses that new clients receive.

Whether you’re currently located in Indonesia and want to try your luck or if you’re currently living there and want to avoid getting detected by the government, you should ensure that you use a VPN, and don’t forget, you’ll need a reliable and stable Internet connection to ensure that you win.