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Best Free Infographics and Design Software for Mac in 2024

img source: unsplash.com

Professional graphic design software and tools are expensive and not everyone can afford it. Especially if you are not graphic designer and you will use it only for a single project. If you haven’t decided yet which software to use on your Mac for your next Infographics project, we hope this top 3 list will help you.


Freely distributed software and one of the most popular of all free graphic design tools.Using GIMP you can perform same basic tasks as on Photoshop: image composition and creation,color correction, photo retouching and image size. If you need to perform more complicated tasks GIMP offers scripting interface for more advanced users, as well as filters, plugins and extensions.
You can download GIMP here.


If you are looking for a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Inkspace is the best solution available on the market.
Using Inkspace app you can perform graphic vector editing tasks such as path operations, tracing, direct XML editing and so forth. Inkspace supports all most common image types JPEG,PNG,TIFF,SVG and etc. Download Inkscape here


Blender is a great alternative to Cinema 4D software. One of the best free software for 3D projects. If you want to know more how 3D software might help you creating infographics read this Adobe After Effects tutorial. Download Blender here

We will constantly update this list , please leave your suggestions and share your experience in comments.