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The popularity of Pinterest [Infographic]


Recently, there is more and more content on the Internet that allows its users easily perform certain tasks. In addition, these facilities were launched mostly because of its fun note that attracts more users. Pineterest is another novelty in the modern world of the Internet. It is a social network that primarily allows sharing photos.

Pinterest is a social network created in 2010 which recently recorded over 10 million users, mostly from the area of the United States. According to the research conducted it has shown that Pinterest users are most women.

Why is it so? The explanation is quite simple. To make the picture a little clearer it is a network where users can exchange content such as recipes and a variety of creative ideas.

Pineterst is ideal when you want a place you will be able to store all those interesting pages encountered surfing, and that you are for some reason seemed interesting. Besides that, you can store images and video.

Below you can check out infographic about The popularity of Pinterest:



Populariti of Pinterest