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How To Use Personal Fundraising Website


Digital connection of people and more and more organizations are turning to online sites for fundraising. Ease of donating money via the Internet has resulted in several different websites that allow raising funds and seeking donations online. However, you can start your own personal fundraising website. Are you an individual looking for personal fundraisers for your own personal cause?

Here are two tips for personal fundraising website:

Collecting money is personally – When you collect money on behalf of the organization, usually you will not achieve the same results as when collecting money for your own needs. When you collect for the company (or an organization) then you have to make a real campaign and expect money from big investors. When you are an anonymous individual and when you collect money this way, the average donations will be bigger, the number of donations will bi increased and it creates a special bond between the one who collects the money and donors.

The more information you give people, the more you earn – with this way of collecting money you need to be honest with people and answer any questions. In this way, people will talk about you (mostly on blogs, social networks …) and will quickly spread the word about you. Of course, not everyone will donate money, but only the dissemination of information about you, will get more attention and hence the likelihood of more donations.

Take a look at the infographic that shows how to use Personal Fundraising Website: