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How Much the iPhone Costs Around the World


You can buy iPhone in almost any part of the world, but that does not mean that you will pay it at the same price in each state. Moreover, an Internet marketing agency WebpageFX prepared an interesting infographic that not only shows how much the iPhone costs in various countries around the world, and how much the price disparity is, but also how great a percentage of the average annual household income every citizen of that particular country had to set aside to purchase.

WebpageFX based infographic according to Deutsche Bank, Apple, OECD and Gallup, and refers to the price of the new iPhone 6. The smallest amount for a smart phone should give the inhabitants of the United States, approximately 1.6 percent of the average income, and the rate is highest in Indonesia, even 39.3 percent of revenue.

The cheapest are in Canada, the most expensive in Brazil

The competitive price of the iPhone 6 is the lowest in Canada, where people must set aside for 647 US dollars, only slightly cheaper than the price in the US of 649 US dollars. iPhone is the most expensive in Brazil, 1107.53 US dollars, and Turkey 1015.53 US dollars. For more information check out infographic below which shows how much the iPhone costs around the world: