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How To Sell Your Startup To Facebook – infographic


Explore what Facebook need and run your startup. The new magic word of the 21st century is a startup. Everybody started to launch small business and hope to eventually grow into a serious and large enterprises. Being innovative has always been the key to success, and the chances are that soon we’ll live in “The Age of startups”. If you have a really creative and relevant idea, the chances that your startup buy giant like Facebook are real.

Startups are usually defined as companies and projects that are younger than one year, do not make money and have a few employees. There are disagreements over the definition of the term, but we can simplify the matter and say that each project in the beginning is startup. This status is lost when a project succeed and when it can support itself.

Many people have an idea for a business. The problem with this is that a huge number of these ideas do not come to the implementation process. Furthermore, it is true that the idea itself is not worth anything, but the realization of the same may be poor or excellent – all depends on the performer.

Run startup or not?

Today all of the information are available and everyone can learn how to make something. If you can team up with someone who knows realize the idea, then team up. If you can not do none of the above, pay the company that will realize it for you. So, you have no excuses. If you want to know how to start a startup read one of our article.

If you have your startup project, sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where you have to present your project to someone – the investor, potentional buyer, incubator, or the audience on some of the relevant conferences. So we have written about startup pitch and put some examples for download in this article.

Below you can check infographic which will show you How To Sell Your Startup To Facebook. Good Luck! 🙂