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How to Master Tumblr


Tumblr is a platform on which you can write blogs, and provides companies with the ability to tell stories and connect with customers. On Tumblr you can publish your own content, share it and comment to other people. Why use Tumblr for your business?

This social network allows companies to find an audience for their content due to the simple panel through which users find content. In addition, Tumblr offers companies sponsored posts that are like any other posts, but only visible to users and focus the audience on the basis of gender, location and interests.

At Tumblr are present brands such as Aeropostale, BMW, Lipton, movie The Hunger Games and popular series Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is before the start of the third season began Fan Art Contest on Tumblr where fans are invited to create an original poster for the third season. Over 200 fans participated, and this served as a good example of how you can create a good fan base in a creative way.

According to new research firm GlobalWebIndex, currently the fastest growing social network, with respect to the number of active monthly users, is microblogging platform Tumblr, which was recently included in the property of the company Yahoo.

In the past six months, this platform recorded a growth of active users of even 120%. The second and third position holds social network Pinterest and Instagram, with the growth of active users of 111% and 64%. After that are following: business social network LinkedIn, with increase of 54%, Twitter with growth of 26%, popular video service Youtube with increase of 25%, while Google’s social network Google+ increased the number of monthly active users by 16%. Surprisingly, on the last eighth place is Facebook, currently the largest social network, which has 1.35 million users per month, but there is growth in the number of monthly active users by only 2%.

Below you can check this fun infographic which will show you how to master Tumblr: