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Advices Which Help You Master LinkedIn


During the last decade social network LinkedIn has become an essential tool for personal branding. It has never been so important to build and maintain its impeccable Linkedin profile. This virtual professional network has gone a long way from the online CV and site for business networking to the comprehensive tool for personal branding.

These are some of the main reasons why it is important to have a non-stop updated Linkedin profile:

1. There are millions of members. Currently with over 230 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Today, it is understood that you have your Linkedin profile. If you do not have it, do others can be taken seriously you as an executor who is dedicated to career? Careerists who care for personal branding will not turn its back on such a large number of contacts.

2. It appears at the top of Google searches. When someone google your name, there is likely that the first thing that appears as a result will be your Linkedin profile. It is very important to be visible on the Internet because there is a strong likelihood that visitors will click on your profile just because you go out in the top of the search results.

3. The people that are investigating  you. A large number of different people use different ways to learn about you. Linkedin gives you the opportunity to control what they will learn about your strengths and more importantly your brand. Who are these people? People you may know. People who want to know you. People who matter who your customers are, friends, colleagues. They all use Linkedin to learn something about each other. Those are searching informations about you before personally meet with you or after they read an article in which there was something written about you or when deciding whether to respond to your email, etc.

4. Provides unrepeatable sources. LinkedIn allows you to expand your success by offering key connections. Do you want to solve a problem that can not be solved by people in your company? Do you want to open the door to new customers or partners? Want to explore what the competition is doing? This network provides you with all of these options.

5. You don’t know what you’re missing. While you read this, someone searches on Linkedin services you provide. You need to be sure that you are visible to this person. This means that if you have a profile completely enriched with the right keywords, opportunities can come easily to you. In the future there will be no more to advertise open positions. Human resource managers will use social networks and tools like Linkedin to find all ideal candidates.

6. You will be ongoing. Following the true leaders and strong companies will be able to stay up to date with developments in the field in which you work. These are the things you will learn firsthand. In addition to companies and brands that you follow, you give a stamp of yourself and your interests.

7. You will automatically stay connected. In these fast times, the hardest thing is to stay in touch and on the radar of your contact groups. LinkedIn allows you to manipulate with updates of your status and immediately let everyone know what is happening and where they can find you. You can very easily expand this audience so you can access groups that allow you to share your opinions and comment on developments within the scope of your interests.

8. It is the ultimate platform for personal branding. Linkedin provides one of the best opportunities to increase your visibility and credibility within your brand community. Gives you the ability to stay connected with a large group of contacts. Now that you can also add videos and pictures in your CV and fields of expertise, you can develop a true three-dimensional view of your brand. Using all the possibilities of this powerful online tool will provide you the ability to create a beautiful picture of what you’re actually in the real world.

Here are some advices which help you master LinkedIn: