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9 Tips for Matching Wig Color With Your Skin Tone

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Wigs have been a real fashion trend for years. Whether it is complete wigs or inserts, few women resist them. First of all, these fashion accessories have a very useful purpose when it comes to people suffering from cancer and leukemia who have lost their hair during treatment.

As much as we are aware that it is just hair and that it will grow quickly, we also know that it is one of the strongest assets of many women, and at the same time the notion of femininity. In addition, when women want a change in their lives, they usually start with a haircut. However, there are many who would make a change and do not dare, fearing that their new hairstyle will not look as they imagined.

This is where wigs come into play. Women with long natural hair like to experiment with shorter hairstyles, while those with short hair sometimes want gorgeous long hair. In any case, the great advantage of wigs is the possibility of styling, ie curling or straightening hair, making various hairstyles, and even coloring. What is important in all this is to choose the one made of quality hair, whether it is natural or synthetic. You can learn more about it by visiting Nadula.

While it is always possible to dye it, it is important to choose a wig color that suits you, especially if you want to have a natural look. In this case, the tone and undertone of the skin are something that needs to be paid attention to.

1. Veins

Many will wonder what the veins have to do with skin tone, but it’s something that makes a lot of sense. If the veins on the inside of the wrist are green, your skin is a warm undertone, and if the color is blue, it is a cold undertone. There are also people with a neutral undertone when the color of the veins is something in between.

2. Paper test

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Take white paper and stick it to the skin of your face. Pay attention to the glow of your skin. If your skin is shiny and radiant compared to paper, the tone of your skin is classified as dark.

3. Play with jewelry

Another simple test to check the tone of your skin is the following – put some gold and silver jewelry on yourself. People with a warm tone and undertone look better with gold jewelry.

4. Choice of clothes

Of course, you don’t need to buy a wig according to the color and style of clothing you normally wear but be sure to take it into account if you choose shades of red. Keep in mind that in this case, it is best to combine clothes in darker green tones, as well as other cool shades.

5. Face shape

In addition to skin tone, the shape of the face is very important when choosing a hairstyle. if you have a small head, shorter hairstyles are welcome, as well as for people with a round face. People with a heart-shaped shape are best suited to medium length, and those with an oval face shape will not go wrong with any length and shape to choose.

6. Natural or synthetic hair?

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We have already mentioned that wigs are made of natural and synthetic hair. Of course, we prefer natural because it is suitable for styling and even painting. Synthetic, although it can be of high quality and so well done that you may not even notice that it is not natural, it does not suffer from high temperatures and chemical treatment, and in that case be prepared for a smaller selection of hairstyles.

7. Olive skin tone and ideal hair shades

If your complexion is warm and draws on greenish tones, your ideal shade should neutralize the greenness of your complexion with the help of reddish pigments. So, you can play with the colors of ash blue, chestnut brown, ginger, or cinnamon.

8. Cold skin tone

Cold skin tones are best highlighted with warm hair colors. Warm, honey, or chocolate shades are for you. Regardless of whether your skin is light or dark, you can’t go wrong if you choose a warm undertone for your paint that will balance your pink and cooler complexion.

9. Warm skin tone

Women with this skin tone should choose the color of champagne, platinum blonde, the cool color of chocolate, chestnut, and many others.

How often should you wash your wig?

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The wig should be washed at least once a week, ie when it starts to get greasy or tangled. It is important to use quality hair care products and avoid those based on alcohol and heavy chemicals.

Final thoughts

Wigs have always been very popular because they could quickly and very easily completely change the look of people. Their use has changed over time. Today, they are worn for aesthetic or creative reasons, and less often due to cultural or religious respect.

Synthetic or real hair, for health or fashion reasons, wigs or wigs are an integral part of the wardrobe of many women, which is not surprising given that they provide countless opportunities for instant image changes and equally expressive return to normal.

All you have to do now is play with your looks. Even if you bought a wig of the wrong color, don’t worry, because, as we have already said, if it is made of natural hair, it will suffer from various chemical treatments such as dyeing. Caring for your natural hair does not stop when you reach for a wig, so it is necessary to continue to take care of it. It is recommended that you choose a scalp scrub to remove dirt buildup.

An old saying goes that when women want a change in life, they change either the man or the hairstyle. Why not start with a haircut and go slowly, step by step? Change hairstyles more often. Don’t be afraid of change, it will make you feel better.