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Which World Of Warcraft Dungeon Is Hardest For Beginners?

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World of Warcraft is a very popular game and can be quite interesting and entertaining to play with your friends. The most interesting feature in World of Warcraft is the Dungeons. It is a major part of the game and several WoW players enjoy competing against the bosses.

Several players want to level up faster to enjoy the modes which can be accessed at higher levels. Sometimes ranking up can be overwhelming especially when you don’t have enough time to spend in the game. If you require boosting services to rank up your account then click to rank up your account at affordable prices for WoW Boost.

Further in this article, you will get insights into the hardest dungeons for beginners in World of Warcraft.


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Plaguefall is a dungeon of Maldraxxus underneath the ruined houses of plagues. It is not the most difficult but hard for beginners who have recently started playing this game. You will have to defeat 4 bosses which can be quite difficult for newbies.

A team with a mobile tank or a hunter will have a fair chance to fight against the bosses. To play in this dungeon you must be above level 54. You can play in a team of 5 players and the territory type is contested.

You can play it in three difficulty levels i.e. normal, heroic or mythic. The bosses you will encounter here are Globgorg, Doctor Ickus, Domina Venomblade, Margrave Stradama. If you play tactfully then you can defeat these bosses and conquer the land of Plaguefall.

Sanguine Depths

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Sanguine Depths is located on the northern side of Revendreth. It lies underneath Castle Nathria. It is based on a prison where prisoners are kept for eons and used for study or purpose. The dungeon might be a little easier but quite tricky.

The bosses have some nasty mechanics that can cause trouble, especially for new players. The final boss is more difficult to defeat, not without team efforts. If you are communicating with your team then winning a boss fight will become a lot easier. Once the player level reaches 60, you can access this dungeon.

There are two difficulty levels i.e. heroic and mythic and you can acquire better rewards at a higher difficulty level. You will have to defeat 4 bosses namely Kryxis the Voracious, Executor Tarvold, Grand Proctor Beryllia, General Kaal. The territory type is contested and you can play and defeat bosses with a team of 5 players.

The Necrotic Wake

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The Necrotic Wake is located in the Bastion. This dungeon is quite hard and you will need characters that can deal heavy damage if you want to defeat all the bosses. You must play strategically and maintain communication with your teammates taking things slowly.

Rushing up things won’t help you to win but also don’t let the timer run out of time. If you don’t play tactical or you are not playing in a team you won’t be able to get past the first boss. The final two bosses are harder to defeat.

If your team has low damage group characters then you will be struggling for victory. You can access this dungeon at the level of 50 and bosses you will encounter 4 bosses which are Blightbone, Armarth, The Harvester, Surgeon Stitchflesh and Nalthor the Rimebinder. There are three difficulty levels i.e. normal, heroic and mythic with a number of 5 players on your team.

Theater of Pain

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Theater of Pain is located in central Maldraxxus. This is one of the hardest dungeons in World of Warcraft. Perfect team coordination and strategies are required to win over all the bosses. There are mobs with mini-boss and playing in a team can help you defeat them easily.

If you try to play without your team it will take some seconds for the first boss to wipe you out easily. For beginners who don’t have enough experience in defeating bosses, they should consider trying easier dungeons first which is easy. Also, gather a team of 5 players who can coordinate while playing.

Also, you can watch videos and walkthroughs so you will have some idea of what strategies are best. It can be accessed when you reach level 60 and the territory type is contested. The available difficulty levels are heroic and mythic.

The difficulty increases more because you have to encounter 5 different bosses which are An Affront of Challengers, Gorechop, Xav the Unfallen, Kul’tharok and Mordretha, the Endless Empress.

De Other Side

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De Other Side is located in eastern Ardenwald. Like the Theater of Pain, it is also amongst the toughest dungeons in World of Warcraft. It is the maximum dungeon level and not favored by many players. The bosses you will encounter here are very strong and it will take more than team coordination to win.

There are things that you must take care of like laser dodging, power siphoning, trampoline jumping, bomb defusing, etc. There are a lot of diverse things you will find while dealing with the most demanding bosses. There are 4 bosses with tricky mechanics that you will encounter here which are Hakkar the Soulflayer, The Manastorms, Dealer Xy’exa and Mueh’zala.

The territory type is contested and is available in two difficulty modes including heroic and mythic. It can be accessed at level 60. Along with bosses, you will have to encounter the most threatening mobs. Each boss is located at a different wing and connected with a ring.

The Bottom-line

In World of Warcraft, some dungeons help players to level up faster which are easier and some dungeons are available at maximum level. These are comparatively very difficult and the bosses are very strong. The loot you will receive after winning the dungeon depends on the difficulty level.

Try to coordinate with your team members and prepare effective strategies while defeating the bosses These were the most difficult dungeons including both for levelling up faster and at a higher level. It can be interesting and fun to play if you are playing with your teammates.