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How to Gear up Faster in World of Warcraft

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In 2024, with a slight delay, the newest version of the famous WoW finally saw the light of day. It’s been almost two decades since this masterpiece was at the top of the real-time strategy games list, and a few have since managed to reach such lasting popularity. Even after all this time, millions worldwide are still playing.

For those less knowledgeable – WoW contains a real-time strategy formula for gathering resources, building a base, and fighting armies and the developers decided in 2002 to add some more ingredients, and most importantly – heroes. Each fraction has several, and each has unique magical abilities.

By entering into conflicts with creatures placed somewhere on the map, but also by spending gold in equipment stores, heroes can progress and become stronger. If they are killed, it is possible to revive them in their city.

Because the heroes are in focus, the developers have reduced the number of units you can control at once to 12. Of course, it is possible to build more than 12 units, but the number is not always the most important, bearing in mind that it costs money – a large army means more expensive maintenance.

Heroes are what make you feel really powerful, but fewer units automatically mean that every mistake is potentially more fatal – you can lose everything after just a few clicks. On the other hand, it doesn’t take much time to rebuild your army, but by then the enemy could already be attacking your city. All this is retained in the new version of the game.

So, naturally, with so many missions available in this new version, everyone wants to know if there is a secret recipe to progress faster and gear up. That’s why we’ll try to analyze all the ways this is possible to be done. 


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Right at the beginning, it’s good to mention that there are shortcuts in the forms of boosts you can purchase to gear up in no time. This is for those who cannot afford to spend a lot of time playing, but still want to keep progressing in the game. For example, the third raid is one of those that can take time, and those who already play know that there are three levels of difficulties to be applied.

This particular raid will require you to go against 11 bosses packed with fury. If you do not have time to struggle and want for the raid to go smooth, then just purchase a WoW Boost. 

Pay attention to the storyline…

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What can be noticed immediately is the great emphasis on the story, which is full of dialogue, monologues that you must listen to entirely in order to continue? For some, it may often be a bit boring, but the storyline helps you create a strategy that will influence how fast you gear up.

Considering the environment, the land of souls, the authors did not miss the opportunity to remind us of some events from the past, as well as the characters we met ten or more years ago, and pack it all into endless series of tasks. What you probably failed to realize is that for such particular occasions you have been given an ability that you must use.

Going against other players…

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Gearing as well as leveling up requires resources, and in some parts of the game, you may feel completely stuck, like in Dungeons missions. If this is the case with you, then enter a player vs. player combat, which will give you a superb return with the Just for Honor feature.

It’s your shortcut to faster leveling, but also your shortcut to getting to the gear level 190. Combining this feature with Conquest gives you plenty of powerful stuff. So, if you feel more comfortable in the battleground mode, this is the method to help you gear up faster. 

Starting the pursuit for legendries…

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Some may say this is a tough road to take, but we never said gearing up will be easy, we only promised to lead you to gear up fast. What you need to be aware of is that legendaries give you distinct features that help your character have more power.

What can you do to collect them? Go through Torghast, and focus on Soul Ash to reach the legendary. However, there are a couple of catches. The first catch is that by now you should have collected tons of gold, and unlocked the Runecarver (if you chose a crafting profession).

The second one is that legendries are available and collected one at a time. Which ones to go for first? This will require some research, after which you will decide which is the first one to go for.

Completing tough missions…

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This is the standard model of the game, but an efficient one. Just make completing quest your aim, and in return, you’ll be able to collect a level 207 item, when you manage to kill a boss. 

The newest expansion has dungeons that reward you with items up to level 190 after you manage to complete them. So, they’re worth your time, definitely. Some of the toughest ones also get you to gear up to level 200. Work on leveling your character as high as possible and then hit the hardest dungeon, to gear up fast.  

Valor points…

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As you play and progress in the game, you’ll be collecting valor points. They are also a good way to get good gear. Especially if you combine resolving campaigns. Then you can count on some premium gear stuff.  

In the end, there is no single solution that will help you get those mean weapons to smoothly go through the game and level up. So, either you choose the method you feel most comfortable with, or even smarter, you decide to combine. However, first thing’s first, work on your character and reach as higher a level as possible. Whichever method you use for gearing up will be made easier.