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What is The Easiest Class to Level in World of Warcraft TBC

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Exactly a year ago, WoW developers have announced the latest expansion patch for the game, and that it will be called ‘The Burning Crusade Classic’. And the gaming world went wild because it was to be a remake of the same one that came out what it seems like ages ago. By today, many have already experienced the gameplay.

Unlike the approach they have taken so far with the Classic, in Burning Crusade Classic they made some significant changes to the game along with the update, of which they wrapped players for beta testing as well.

For those who haven’t tried it already, in this article we’ll give an answer about which class to choose if you want to keep up with others and level up faster.

But before we start discussing that, let’s take a look at what this Classic is?

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In short, it first came out in 2006, two years after the game was officially launched, and before the release of the first full expansion pack, The Burning Crusade.

This is the point in its history, where the original, a pre-expansion add-on, was the strongest, as it had several years of whipping bugs and improving gameplay below its belt. However, back then it was a much harder, slower game, encouraging team play to take on tough enemies rather than encouraging today’s solo-friendly game.

The gameplay was more than that, with less populated countries feeling bigger than they are today, where they are filled with search capabilities and easily accessible faster travel options.

For gamers of today, it is hard to imagine playing with such low speed, but they may be missing the charm it had in those early days. Communities had to be stronger to take on enemies, players had to be stronger because there was less play in hand (like the basic quality of life elements, such as task markers), and the game world generally felt a little more unfamiliar and dangerous.

Going out into the big unknown felt like a real adventure. That’s why people stuck together. After all, it is one of the best things about WoW, being together, making friends. It’s what made the game stay on top of the lists of the most played games ever.

But, to return to the subject, when you choose to join in and start experiencing this exciting expansion, here are some of the suggestions which class might be the easiest. Warlock and hunter are, according to many players, the easiest class to handle when it comes to leveling. Also, it should be said that those who like to play alongside a pet, should choose this class.

As for other reasons why you should choose one of these two classes, here are some:

  • When it comes to movement and combat situations, the hunter can take quite a bit. The second ones that are as endurable are warlocks would be the second option.
  • Fun factors also count, as they are the two most fun to level, aside from being assessed as the easiest. A hunter by his nature tends to murders stuff. A warlock on the other hand can drain, tank, or fear juggle (dot two-three mobs, take turns fearing them, and watch them die). As for the effectiveness of killing, both do it quite easily.

Are there any other classes one can choose if they don’t like the idea of these two?

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Well, Mages might come in third on our list of suggestions. Why? Because teleportation to major cities is quite handy. This allows you to set your heart wherever you want and still get to an AH and your bank anytime you need.

Rogue, druid, and priest are all fun to play as, also, so don’t be discouraged in choosing them. You may not be able to do everything alone, but each is enjoyable in its own way. Fire mage and shadow priest have the ability to melt, so if you find this appealing, go for those.

If a melee class is what you want, the rogue is far less likely to die while leveling. Good damage output and some fun abilities like stealth to skip mobs if desired. If there are some other classes you find appealing to play with, in particular, we have one more piece of information that might interest you.

It’s about buying boosts. Whenever you find yourself in a tricky situation while playing, not sure if you can handle it, just make it easier for yourself and buy a boost. Especially if you don’t have time to play on a regular basis. At times raids can consume hours before being completed. Therefore, opt for a WoW Boost.

What is to be expected from TBC?

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As the TBC is rather new, developers will most probably repeat the old tactics with the game updates. What this means is that the update and its contents were not fully available on the date it is released; rather, it will be updated little by little, until the game can be reproduced entirety.

This is a fairly common tactic that game developers use to hold the interest of their player base over a long period of time, taking care to create anticipation and not let it dissipate immediately. But since WoW has a long history and a huge base of loyal players, we don’t think people would have a problem with occasional updates.

Another interesting piece of information that leaked on one of the developer’s public statements, is that WoW may soon have a mobile version. They have yet to reveal more detailed information about the games and a more specific time frame, so it is unclear for now what the specific plans are.

The only information about the game getting a mobile version is that it would have entirely new content and that it may be released this year. These talks started in 2017 but were never realized. As mobile technology advanced significantly since then, it is more realistic to expect this mobile version now.