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10 Low Volatility Online Slots – 2024 Guide

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If you are serious about playing slots, volatility is a concept you must familiarize yourself with and fully grasp. It is an integral part of any reel-spinning adventure, as this characteristic determines the game’s behavior, how much, and how often you can win prizes.

It is a term that describes the amount of inherent risk associated with a specific game. Think of it like this. Do you want to play for the fun of it and earn a little extra, or do you want to land a win that will finance a holiday at a five-star resort?

A low volatility slot will provide a large number of smaller wins in a short period, while a high volatility one will give out substantial rewards every once in a while. Meaning, big wins come with higher risk, and if you play a high volatility game, you risk not winning anything during your gaming session.

You will be able to see this information listed along with other game specs such as RTP and max exposure inside each game’s info panel, accessible through an icon in the slot’s main interface. Low volatility titles are the best choice for spinners that aren’t greedy and only want to stay profitable. We’ve researched for you and listed the best such games below. You can find them on OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com.

Lowest Volatility Online Slot – Derby Dollars

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We mentioned that volatility determines the frequency of payouts and the amount paid out. It is a metric that tells you how much you stand to win or lose. However, it is not the only significant one. Return-to-player tells you the long-term advantage that the casino has over you, and max exposure tells you the max win. Thus, they are also crucial.

Derby Dollars is an older, 2011 slot from Realtime Gaming, one of the iGaming market pioneers. It claims the top spot because it features a fantastic combination of game specifications that make it one of the most profitable online slots ever. Derby boasts an unusually high RTP of 97.5%, a max win potential of x16,665 your bet, it accepts bet sizes ranging from one cent to $100, has a jackpot, and naturally, is a low volatility game. Its graphics may not be impressive, and its gameplay simple, but if you decide to spin its reels, you stand a decent chance of coming out ahead, turning the game off with a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Top 10 Low Volatility Slots:

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1. Enchanted Garden

Similar to Derby Dollars, Enchanted Garden also features an RTP of 97.5%. It is a magical-themed slot that immerses you in a world of fairies and unicorns. It may seem visually dated at first sight, but we’re not looking at its aesthetics but its lucrativeness. It provides wins regularly, and there’s even a progressive jackpot in play.

2. The Hive

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You won’t see a lot of bee-themed titles in the slot-verse, but here is one. The recent Betsoft product features an innovative 3-4-5-4-3 grid format, has a tremendous hit frequency of 48,71, and an RTP of 96.97%, which is slightly higher than the industry standard. The graphics here are cartoonish, and the max payout is only $3,780, but every second spin is a winning one when you play The Hive.

3. Witchs Brew

Witches are back in style, as movies and TV shows are again utilizing them to significant effect. However, Realtime Gaming has always been ahead of the curve, and in 2016, they released Witch Brew, a simple low volatility title with a max exposure of x25,000. If you are lucky enough, the game’s pretty witch can brew you up a non-progressive jackpot prize. Enter the Free Spins round and earn up to 150 complimentary reel rotations.

4. Diamond Dozen

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Here is a game that’s more than a decade old and has all the charm of a vintage Vegas machine. Though it features no storyline, its characters evoke soap opera associations. If you land three or more blue diamond Scatters, you’ll get twelve free spins with an x2 multiplier. There’s a progressive reward on the line here, and the RTP is a high 97.5%.

5. The Exterminator

Alvin, the fearless exterminator, takes on all comers. It doesn’t matter if they are unruly squirrels, willy raccoons, or aggressive bears. If you have a problem, Alvin will solve it. All you have to do is make at least a two-cent bet on this thirty payline Betsoft game. With high-end 3D graphics, a whole lot of character, a Sticky Wins bonus round, and a max win potential of x12,500 your bet, this is one exterminator you should consider hiring.

6. Fantasy Mission Force

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Did you know that Jackie Chan has an Oscar? Well, he does (an Honorary Award). He also has a few slots that utilize his likeness. They transfer over some of his 1980s films onto the slot format. Fantasy Mission Force is one of his lesser-known Hong Kong features that have gotten the iGaming treatment in the form of a low volatility game with bonus features galore. Play it, and you can win a jackpot that pays x50,000 your bet.

7. Frog Fortunes

If you are looking for a simple game that’s nothing like most modern-day barnburners, then this is the title for you. Frog Fortunes has 243 paylines, its reels spin in a weird hexagonal grid, and utilizes a Cascading Wins feature. While light on big wins (x150) and bonus rounds, prizes here should come with a great deal of regularity.

8. Aztec Treasures

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Aztec culture is a well that many slot developers go to for inspiration. We can’t even count the number of Aztec-theme titles. However, there aren’t many low volatility games, so that’s where this one stands out. Beware, the RTP on this slot is a low 93%, though you may be able to find Aztec Treasures with a higher RTP at some platforms. If you land five Scatters, you’ll get 25 free spins, where the payout of every winning combo you land gets tripled. There’s also a progressive reward that you can trigger at random, on any spin.

9. Lucky Rat

This RTG product came out in 2024, which was, in fact, the year of the rat. Based on Chinese culture, this game utilizes a 3-4-5-4-3 grid, 720 paylines, and offers a non-progressive jackpot prize of $330,000. It has an RTP that ranges from 97.5% to 91%, so be careful where you play this title, as if you do not do your due diligence, you may not be as lucky. Look out for the re-triggerable free spins feature, where you can get up to a maximum amount of 240 complimentary reel rotations.

10. Fruit Frenzy

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It may be a fruit frenzy, but this game is not a visual delight. Though, it does have some endearing characters on its reels. Featuring outdated graphics and many colors, this old-timer won’t give up and is still slugging it out with the big boys. It has maintained its relevancy because it accepts bets as low as a penny, has an RTP of 97.5%, and of course, low volatility. Did we mention that it too provides a random jackpot prize?

To Wrap Up

If you are on a budget, you should focus your available funds on titles that involve fewer risks. Play games that can extend your gameplay via smaller but frequent prizes. Sure, sums that are hundreds or thousands of times your bet are terrific, but you have to know that those wins are not easy to come by and that taking a more realistic approach may be more beneficial to your bottom line.

Before spinning reels, always enter a game’s info panel, look through its specs, and note its volatility. Playing a title with the right set of characteristics will increase your odds of you logging out of an online casino with a little more than what you had when you logged in.