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Google helps us every day


Nowadays demand for things that interest us are becoming much easier. Whether you want to buy something, go somewhere, to find out something or do something. Studies have shown that people in many countries use more mobile devices than computers to get information. Today we bring you 4 moment that every marketer should recognize.

I-want-to-know moments

I am convinced that we all sometimes asked ourselves how high the Eifel Tower, which is the deepest sea, which is the largest country or something else.

What do people do when they ask such a question? The answer is very clear. They pull a mobile device and search for an answer with the help of Google. All information that we want to know Google will reveal. “Ask Google, Google knows everything.”

The study showed that 65% more people are seeking information online than it did a few years ago.

Did you see something interesting on television, but did not get the information that interests you? Never mind! I have a cell phone next to me, I’ll Google it. interesting fact is that 66% of smartphone users do not hesitate use their device to see what they saw in the commercial.

I-want-to-go moments

Have you ever been in a situation that you do not know where to go on vacation? and when you find a new location and went on vacation, yet you are not familiar with the bid that the location offers.

Want to go to a restaurant, but you do not know whether there is any good restaurants nearby? The easiest way to check is to take out your mobile phone from his pocket and quickly search for a good restaurant nearby.

From last year to now the number of “near me” search has doubled. The study found that 88% of smartphone users use a search engine when they are looking for a local business.

I-want-to-do moments

Anyone interested in different things. And everyone at least once wondered how to do something. How to make a cake? How to build a birdhouse? How to make a stylish haircut? If we look at Google for some of these topics I’m sure Google will provide many answers to these questions.

With the help of Google and Youtube all your questions will be answered. And not only Answered but also accompanied by a video.

You have decided that you will make a toy for your child. Do you have any idea what it could be, but are not sure of the implementation? Or you start making a toy, but you are stuck on some part? Take out your smartphone and watch someone realized the idea that you had in mind.

On Youtube mixed viewed more than 100 million hours on the topic “how to”. And that’s just this year. 91% of people use a smartphone when you realize some of the projects that he is about to do.

I-want-to-buy moments

You need a new pair of shoes? Or maybe T-shirt? Trousers? Strap? Wristwatch? And somehow you do not want to go to the store? It’s no problem to take the smartphone in your hands and look through the pages of department stores offer.

You can imagine this situation: You are in the store and found a piece of clothing or footwear that you liked. You wonder whether he is worth it to buy the product?

82% of users of smartphones consult their phones while they are in a store deciding what to buy. So there are many ways to pick the proper clothing.


Google helps us every day

It is fascinating to us how Google helps in everyday decisions. Whatever you’re interested in, Google will provide the answer. Practically now we can not imagine life without Google. All this is very useful for marketers who want to create the perfect content for their target audience. Below you can check Google infographic which shows consumers behaviour:

Google helps us every day