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6 Reasons to Add a Custom Neon Sign to Your Gaming Room

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Surely, you have heard the saying “what goes around comes around”. We believe that this is the best sentence to describe the trends that come and go. It’s not uncommon to see some of them return after some amount of time. No trend has ceased to exist completely after it was replaced with some new one. The only exceptions are those who are not at the required technological level. 

These have their place in history, and they will never come back. One of the finest examples of those who are back now is neon signs. Even they have been surpassed by LED lights many years ago, they simply don’t cease to exist. The reason is quite obvious, they still have something to say. It means that we people didn’t use them in all the ways they wanted, mainly in terms of design. 

Since the technology has evolved since LED lights took over the prime spot, people have discovered a whole new way to use them. If you are interested in taking a look at some of the finest examples, start researching or take a look at those you can find here. Did you think about including some of these pieces inside your gaming room? Well, these can make a great addition. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should do that.

Making a Statement

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Neon signs turn heads wherever they are spotted. That goes both for the interior or exterior. Therefore, having one of these inside your gaming room means that they will take the most important spot. With them including some beautiful colors, they will represent a great way of enlightening the room. The best thing out of all of them is that you can personalize them to whatever you like. 

We can see that this personalization is highly ranked among the reason why so many people have them inside their rooms. When it comes to gaming, they can be a great way of motivation. These can display some of your favorite quotes. Just by looking at them, you can be much more motivated to be the best you can in a match.

Creating the Proper Atmosphere

Surely, even gamers are not always in the mood for gaming. Therefore, they will need some sort of motivation. We know it sounds silly, but neon signs might just do the trick. By saying that, we mean that they can help you to achieve the specific atmosphere. When you are in that atmosphere, there is no question about whether you will be motivated enough to be the best you can. 

From that moment on, it all comes down to your creativity and ideas. To have the best possible product, we highly recommend you not to make rushed decisions. Instead, think hard about what you want to achieve. The moment you decide what is quiet or a symbol that can set you in this mood, be sure to look for a designer who can create it for you. 

Having a Futuristic Look

In case you are the type of person who likes to provide a room with a futuristic look, not thinking about neon signs is a huge mistake. Since we are talking about bulbs that can be in any color you want, you can opt for those who can give it that look. For instance, you can choose metallic gray, light blue, bright red, etc. So, investing in high-quality neon lights can help you achieve this kind of look.

Making it Attractive

One of the ways you can use neon signs is to highlight all the most important hardware you have in your room. By highlighting them, you make them more attractive. It is as simple as that. When you take a look at some other solutions, you will see that none of them are as good as neon signs. But this is not the only way you can make the items more attractive.

For instance, if you have some pieces you consider dear in your room, like a picture, there is nothing wrong with decorating with these lights. That way, you will give a whole new look to your room. Plus, you should use these lights on pieces of furniture. However, the most common approach is when people put them under a cabinet. That way, you can have a better look at the keyboard and mouse.

High Visibility

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Many people don’t understand the difference between neon and LED lights. The first and foremost difference is that neon lights are not the directional source of light. That means that they will not be focused only on one part of your room. Instead, they will shine in all directions, which will have a great way of providing high visibility to your room. We believe that this is one of the most important advantages neon has over LED lights.

Brand Enhancement

In case you are a professional gamer, then you know that your nick is nothing short of a brand of its own. Just take a look at some other gamers out there and you will see that some of them have managed to create a brand that attracts sponsors by participating in a plethora of tournaments all over the world. Just think about how much of them have some kind of logo.

Surely, you will see that the most popular ones do have one of these. What does it have to do with a neon sign? Well, having this one in your room means that you can promote it. Just think about that, every interview you give, and most of them are given online, you will have your brand just behind you. That way, you will have a chance to boost your brand awareness and many more people will follow you.


Despite the popularity of neon signs, we can see that many people don’t have the right idea about why should they use them. Here, you can take a look at a couple of reasons why you should use them in your gaming room. We are sure you will find them interesting.