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Getting to Know ICANN For Business


To reach something on the Internet, you need to input a number or address. That address has to be unique so computers would know to find each other on the Internet. ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the organization that coordinates these unique addresses throughout the world. Without such coordination we could not have the internet connection. ICANN coordinate the IP addresses, domains, DNS and many more. Namely, ICANN exists since 1998 and since then takes care of the domains, which means that “.com”, “.org” and all that is behind the “dot” is their job.

The Global Business Engagement team works To ensure that private sector stakeholders are kept engaged in and informed about ICANN’s work. The Domain Name System is what allows the Internet to expand rapidly as a single, stable, interoperable network worldwide. Any business that depends upon the Internet has a stake in ICANN‘s work. Their page provides access to resources for private sector stakeholders interested to learn more about the work of ICANN and how a global, scalable and interoperable Internet benefits their business and bottom line.

To learn more about ICANN for business, check out this video below and visit their site for more info.