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5 Business Ideas You Can Turn into Business for Less Than $1,000

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Business ideas are born on a daily basis in our heads with many possible failure scenarios for failure. You are not the only person that has become a victim of your own brain. It does not mean that, you cannot do this, it simply means that, you are afraid to go out of your comfortable zone that you are used to. I quit my job for instance, because I believe in what I do. Thousands of people are considering starting a business every day. However, they all face the same problems. The first major problem, which I believe is the biggest dream breaker is the lack of confidence. The second major problem is that some people do not believe in themselves.

You might be sat thinking there, well that is it? Is it that easy to start a business? What about the initial investment? I want to ask you back, well If you cannot spear $1,000 in savings than you probably should rethink, whether you are ready to start something or not. My piece of advice is to be confident and say to yourself. If others can do it, I ca do it too!

1. Cleaning Service

Special training or licenses might be needed

One of the very easy businesses to start is cleaning services. There are higher class people that cannot simply find the time to clean after themselves or they simply can afford not to. Here is one of your successful business ideas. Do not just go for cleaning. Choose a niche and try to be more specific. For example, Boats cleaning services. If you live somewhere near the coast.  If you are not living by the coast. You can clean luxury cars. You can do furniture cleaning of all kinds. There are plenty of different niches to choose, where you can start specializing and by working hard you will create your own cleaning brand.

2. Computer and Mobile Phone Repairs.

Special training or licenses might be needed

repair iphone from water

This is one of my favorite business ideas. I used to do that, when I was a kid. I used to go and help friends with different types of software and computer installations. There is brand new trend right now at the moment ant this is phone repair. The abundance of mobile devices has created new type of niche, where you can choose to capture.

Reason number one why mobile phone repair business is very lucrative is that you do not need much initial investment for that. If you like technology and if you are good with your hands and patient enough with the little tiny screws, this might be your golden ticket. Invest for little tool kit, then you can start repairing from home. It is so easy to break a front screen on iPhones. I can say that in the UK 90% of the income in the repair shops comes from iPhones screen repair. If you only walk outside and see the type of advertising they use, it only highlights the screen repair as it is the most common repair reason. If you are not sure where to start, take a look this website for very useful guides about iPhone repair.

You can stretch it further by creating yourself. Facebook fan page and connect with other groups within the same niche. You can create your own business cards and professional looking website for further brand enchacement.

3. eBay and Amazon Re-seller the Best Business Ideas

If you have noticed something with the flow of my suggestions. I have gone into the quadrant B as Robert Kiyosaki describes in one of his famous books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

The idea in the B quadrant is that you are already a business owner. You theoretically have people that work for you. If you allow me to put this into different perspective. ebay is eCommerce website with their employees that maintain the website etc. Postal companies are employing people. However, since you are starting to operate business on eBay or amazon, these people now work for you and you are the business owner, hence why you are in quadrant B. It is extremely lucrative business when you are able to find the right product to sell. Now, you have to do your own research of what could be good idea to sell. Let me give you a hint. Do you remember the spinners that flooded the world? Of course you do. There are people that became millionaires of selling spinners only.

4. Import and Export

If you live in a country full of diversity, then that’s the perfect opportunity for you to start import export business. There are literally thousands of products that can be imported based on the demand. For example, nowadays with open borders many people across Europe work abroad. Often this means that the food that is sold back home might not be available at their current location.

It is good idea to make your own research for the region you live in and find out what are the products in demand and prepare a solid action plan. The real problem out there is marketing your product/service. However, it is still possible to penetrate the market with $1,000. The best way to go with that is to use Facebook as your advertising channel. It is the best and easiest way to start operating your business from the comfort of your home.

5. Personal Trainer

social media infographic

Special training or licenses might be needed

If you are keen interested in personal health and fitness. One of the best business ideas is to start your own personal trainer business. Obviously your body will be your unique selling point(USP). You can Obtain some certificates related to training and nutrition and that is all you need to have to start.

You can use Instagram and Facebook to promote your services and knowledge. It is very big trend currently to have that beautiful body and people are paying big cash in order someone to guide to trough that very difficult journey.

People would pay big cash for that because their lack of knowledge and confidence. Nearly 90% of the people will give up along their journey of getting fit and this is where you come.

Overall there are plenty of opportunities and the only thing you need is the mind set and to believe in yourself that you can do it. Ask yourself the following question. If others can do it why would not you be able to do it?