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8 Great Freelance Job Ideas

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Imagine waking up, rolling out of bed, and starting your workday in your pajamas. Your commute will be a quick walk from the bedroom to your dining room table. Your only boss will be your meowing cat, demanding its breakfast in the next room.

For most people, such a life sounds like an unattainable fantasy. The truth is, many people have been able to apply their skills to begin lucrative freelance careers! What is stopping you from looking into freelance job ideas and taking part in the work from home revolution?

Sometimes all it takes to kickstart a major life transition is one great idea. The only thing better than one idea is eight ideas, which run the gamut from entry-level to professional. Keep reading to learn about eight fantastic jobs that allow you to be your own boss and seize your skills!

1. Copywriter

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If you’ve always been a strong writer, you might be able to pivot to a freelance career as a copywriter. There are many types of jobs that fall under the umbrella of copywriting, but the rate of pay can vary. If you’re wondering “how much do freelance jobs pay?” then you may want to consider direct response writing, which ostensibly pays the most.

Essentially, this is goal-based copywriting in the marketing realm. Your job will be to create materials that result in the reader taking a specific action. You might write emails, video scripts, or compose other materials with an end goal in mind.

2. Social Media Manager

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If you are a Twitter whiz, a Facebook fanatic, or an Instagram expert, you might make a wonderful social media manager. In this day and age, any brand that isn’t on social media may as well not exist. Your role will be keeping a company’s social media up to date, encouraging engagement, and keeping things relevant.

As a social media manager, you might be able to work for more than one brand at a time. You’ll learn about different types of apps that will allow you to multitask, schedule posts, and keep track of multiple logins. You might even become the voice of a major brand!

3. Photographer

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Do you have an artistic eye and know your way around a camera? If you own your own equipment, there is no reason why you can’t capitalize on your talent and pick up some work as a freelance photographer.

You might consider photographing events, taking professional headshots, or photographing families in beautiful places in your community. This will require changing out of your pajamas and leaving the house, but it’s good to get some fresh air now and again!

You might also consider selling stock photography. This will allow you to maintain creative control over the images that you capture. Many companies will buy high-quality, unique images from talented artists, often in bulk!

4. Web Designer

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If you want to work in tech but don’t possess the high-level skills of a developer, you might consider web design. Freelance designers are always in demand, and can often charge an hourly rate.

If you are an artist with graphic design experience, you might offer those skills, too. The ability to create stylish, bespoke web experiences will fetch you a lot of money once you’ve built up a portfolio!

5. CPA

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Are you a certified public accountant looking to pivot into working for yourself? Many firms are seeking CPAs to work as freelancers, so you can put your skills to use without dealing with stagnation.

You will be able to work from home on your own schedule but put your skills to use.

6. Data Analyst

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It’s one thing to collect data. It’s quite another to know what it means! If you have a knack for translating numbers into actionable stories, you might make an excellent freelance data analyst.

Your job might be to take a company’s data and make it visual. This might involve creating eye-catching charts and graphs that help keep everyone on the same page. There are a variety of projects that require a person who can look at data and make connections, so you will most likely be very busy!

7. Media Buyer

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Media buyers are sometimes referred to as ad managers. It’s a high-paying digital marketing job. You’ll be managing the advertisements for a brand or company to help them grow their client base.

This job probably isn’t a role for someone without prior experience, however, as it has the potential to make or break a company. Your best bet is to gain some other experience in digital marketing before making the transition to the challenging world of ad management.

8. Digital Marketer

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A lot of the jobs on this list are in the field of digital marketing. It’s a large and growing field with plenty of room to build skills! Not everyone has mastered it yet, so a digital marketing consultant will often have a full roster of clients vying for their advice.

Surprisingly, this is an excellent job for someone new to the world of freelancing. You might specialize in email marketing, LinkedIn lead generation, or social media. The more you learn, the easier it will be to transition into other digital marketing roles!

Freelance Job Ideas for Anyone!

Whether you’re looking to start a brand new work from home freelance career or just want to pick up a side hustle, there is a role out there for you! Any one of these freelance job ideas can be the thing that launches you into a world of independence!

You are steps away from becoming your own boss and beginning a journey that will put you in the driver’s seat! Are you looking for more articles that can help you find success in your life and career? Check out the rest of the blog for more excellent content to inspire!