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How Long Does It Take To Replace Door Locks on Your Car

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If your car’s lock is damaged, malfunctioning, or causing you problems, you should consider replacing it before major damage occurs. The repair time, as well as the price of the service, depends on the type of lock and the model of your car.

Therefore, you should try to find the most professional, but at the same time the service that fits the budget that you are ready to spend.

The safety of our vehicle depends on the locks. No matter how safe the environment you live in, car thefts are really common. It is even more common for a key to get stuck, or for someone to lock themselves in and not be able to go out for hours. Therefore, when you notice the first signs that something is wrong, you should try to correct it.

On average, changing the lock, if you do it yourself, will take you about an hour, but not more than two. If you take the car to a professional, it can take several hours, and sometimes they can keep it for one to two days for additional checks.

What Kind of Professional Do You Need?

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To be completely protected and to prevent someone from damaging your car, you need to call a locksmith. Locate your loved ones around you. Such situations are unpredictable and you must react quickly.

Sometimes people hire the first locksmith to get in touch because such situations are really urgent. What do you need at that moment?

– Someone who is closest and can come quickly

– Locksmith available 24/7

– Someone who will not damage the lock by forcible opening

– Service at appropriate prices

If you visit here, you will find exactly what you need. On the other hand, use this example to find a professional near your location.

How To Recognize That it is Necessary To Change The Car Lock?

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Now that you know that this type of service is fast and relatively cheap, then it is time to pay attention to the way the locks work.

It is better to notice if something happens as soon as possible because that way you will save yourself a lot of money.

So, if your lock unlocks or locks itself, if it does not recognize the key, or if it makes strange noises, it must be repaired at the very least or, as a last resort, replaced.

In What Emergency Situations Should You Call a Locksmith?

There are many situations in which a skilled professional needs to intervene. Some of them can be really unpleasant.

If you are locked out is one of the most common that happens, but often the owner loses the keys or they are stolen. There are also situations in which the old owner of a used vehicle still has copies of the keys, so he steals the vehicle he recently sold overnight.

Cars are often the target of vandalism and if the lock is damaged, the owner may never be able to enter if he does not call a locksmith.

However, most people want to be sure of the safety of their car, so they change the lock if they are not convinced that this is the case.

How Much Does Such a Service Cost?

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There is no fixed price for the service, as it all depends on the type of lock, the time at which you requested the locksmith, the level of damage, the distance from the locksmith to the car, the cost of their labor, and the methods to be used.

But, most often such services are at least 100 euros, but even more, if the locking system is electronic.

How To Find a Suitable Professional?

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If an incident has occurred, then you do not have much time to think and research, because you have to act urgently.

But you can also be prepared for any eventuality. Explore the locksmith market around you. Find those who also deal with car locks repairs.

Compare the availability and prices posted on their pages. This will help you make a list of professionals you could potentially work with.

Nothing can surprise people who are ready for all kinds of scenarios. Also, if you know yourself well, you can save yourself a lot of money. For example, if you know that you are clumsy and that you are losing items, in addition to the usual ways of dealing with car keys, you should also have a call to your locksmith.

There are also paranoid people who are afraid that their car may be robbed or damaged. Do not worry about them, they already have several locksmith numbers in their phonebook.

Of course, we are not telling you to live in paranoia, but being prepared for such situations will save you a lot of time and money.

Therefore, research the market, find the professionals with the best reputation and the highest scores, and remember their numbers. Be prepared for any possible outcome, because sometimes unpleasant situations happen at the worst possible moment.


To be realistic, no one wants to ruin their car, lock themselves in or not be able to unlock it or predict whether it will become a target for thieves.

But owning a car also entails a lot of responsibility, which includes all possible scenarios, from open road breakdown to theft. Being ready for possible unpleasant situations is more a sign of attention than caution and paranoia.

With the help of our article, you will be able to identify the situations in which you will need a locksmith. It is always good to keep this in mind so that you can handle it when it is urgent.

At least, it takes up to one or two hours until this thing is resolved when hiring a professional. And you can be sure there won’t be additional damage. Don’t do these things by yourself, because you can easily cause larger damage than it is. Be careful, and always have your locksmith on speed dial, if needed.