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8 time-saving Excel shortcuts

8 time saving shortcuts for Excel featured

Sometimes, Excel seems too good to be true. All you have to do is enter a formula, and pretty much anything I’d ever need to do manually can be done automatically. Need to merge two sheets with similar data? Need to do simple math? Need to combine information in multiple cells? Excel can do it.

Microsoft Excel is a common piece of software for many businesses these days, so knowing your way around is always going to help you get things done and be an effective member of your team. It’s always going to be a bonus if you’re able to possess skills and abilities that not everybody else in the office has, and the opportunity to hone in on extending your skills and abilities should never be passed by lightly.

Excel is an excellent tool for doing just about anything with data. However – If you’re not a power user – it can also be far more time-consuming than you’d like. Here are 8 Excel shortcuts that will ensure you are sorting, editing and analysing all your data in no time.



Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is developed by Microsoft. Together with the Word and PowerPoint is an integral part of Microsoft Office. It is a data analysis tool. Possibilities of using it are numerous, such as the organization of data, creation of a list or database. It contains analysis tools that allow the creation of tables and generate graphs from the data in spreadsheets.

It is an excellent analytical tool for business. Spreadsheets are often used to store financial data. Formulas and functions that are used for this type of data are used to:

  • perform basic mathematical operations, such as addition of certain columns and rows
  • Finding values ​​such as profit or loss
  • Calculating the installment plans for loans or mortgages
  • Finding the average, maximum and minimum values ​​in a specified range of data

A variety of organizations use Excel for budget management, business planning, customer records, sales analysis, safeguarding customer information and the like.