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Entrepreneurship and an Inspiration? Enough is Enough!

Entrepreneurship and an Inspiration

Entrepreneurship is an inspiration for me and while writing about this, think about one thing you are not alone in life full of troubles. This article will not be about online bargains or a free marketing bullshit. The purpose of this article is to let you know, that you are not alone as an entrepreneur seeking to break the ice around your life.

Entrepreneurship and an Inspiration? Enough is Enough, time to take your life in your control!

I want to find out about your story, frustration, pain and disappointment during those years of trying to break through. Share this story or get in touch with me and talk to me about your experience.


I have few examples for you in this with already successful people and at some points, I would compare myself in the picture. I will clearly point out my mistakes on the way to Entrepreneurship life free times.


The article will reveal true life situations and moments in my life where, I believe that this was clear simple mistake. However, some good positive and beneficial situations will come forward and will be revealed with this post. No hidden marketing messages an and everything, compared to what you have read on the internet or social media full of none sense. I hope that by the time when, you have finished reading this post you will realize some things have not before. I hope my mission will be successful.


The role model and a name that has been mentioned again and again in my personal life is Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson age of 66. He is a business man magnate investor and philanthropist. He is mostly known among us with the Virgin Group, and this company you might know or might not, He controls more than 400 companies worldwide.


Just like himself, I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur from young age. I still remember back in the days, I used to find myself sitting outside and thinking about the future. Most of the time those thoughts were related to my freedom and traveling the world just being free and enjoy life to the best, I can.


Having read one of Sir Richard Branson’s books. Well, honestly speaking, I did not even finish this book. I read probably less than the half of that book and ditched aside. Sometimes reading a book is really hard for me to focus, and the book gets me deep thinking with ideas and business opportunities flying around my brain.


What is really common between my story and this successful entrepreneur and businessman. This might be also the case with most of you reading this post. I will try to put this into perspective without confusing you. Well, I will try at least.


We all have had an idea to start a small business. Sometimes, this might be harder for some of us and the real reason for this is the people around us that play the role of a barrier and life break. Sir Richard Branson, had his parents and one thing, I will always remember from the book, I tried to read was that, he had his family to support him in his “crazy” life ventures.


I for example, have never been so fortunate to have this kind of support in my past life. What do you do usually, when something through the day happens to you? You go and share this with perhaps your parents or friends depending how comfortable you are with either one of those groups. This already being said, I really doubt you will keep your idea about business only to yourself and you will want to share your excitement and what your current passion is about.


Most of the time you will hear a criticism or how naïve you are about your crazy ideas and the risk behind. The biggest mistake, I have done was to listen to the barrier people in my life and the ugliest part believing them that, I cannot do it. Well, seeing and believing this, what actually people are telling you will affect your mind set soon or later. This is where, the game is over before it even begins.


The only reasonable solution in this particular situation was to stop listening to those people. This does not mean that your parents, friends or partner do this on purpose. Exactly the opposite they are trying to protect you from the unknown and scariest thing in life is the failure.

Enough is Enough, time to take your life in your control!


The only solution was to move away from everything you know and block everything that might affect you in your decision making process. Focus on your dream and set your mind free. The only key to success is to set yourself free and believe in your vision and dream. I do believe that an entrepreneurship is word of freedom and a way of lifestyle. This is the way how I see it in my eyes. Every day that has passed by,  I am learning from my own mistakes and a lot has been said and written, but the key to this flow of  information is to learn to sift through the useless information.

Entrepreneurship probably requires little than you think!


No matter, what idea you are thinking of everything will require money of course to start. Sir Richard Branson borrowed money from his family to kick start his company. The idea is simple, Borrow the money you need making sure, when you make the ROI (return on your investment) to pay it back. We live in world of opportunities and none should be afraid to explore them.


I chose different way little less embarrassing for myself as, I have never been comfortable to ask my father for money, no matter what that is. The only way for some people this might be stupid and time consuming but, you know what, I do not care. I decided to work and save money and then invest into my idea. I remember  saying  to myself just before, I get involved into Entrepreneurship, just like Branson did “Screw it lets do it “. My phrase was little different but not far from the main idea. I said to myself “F*** it lets do it”, If I lose everything in a few months at least, I will know, I tried it and at the end of this will have something very valuable the experience and the feeling left behind.  I did have consulted with someone the night before, I made my final decision. This person has been very supportive and I have learned a lot during the time since we have known each other.






Let’s wrap up this post as, I do not want to write like a wild animal running from something. I wanted to bring very few points in this clear honest post about the Entrepreneurship and what that means for me in my own eyes. The Entrepreneurship is freedom and lifestyle for me. This is not only about the financial freedom; you might get out from it. For me this was chasing the dream and being free to some certain extend. I still have a long way to be completely free, but my persistence and patience, which might be lacking behind sometimes and pull me few moves behind. However, I am trying at least and making sure, I am chasing my dreams and for me this what matters the most in my simple life as a human being.

I want you to share yours with me. Do not be afraid to tell me how you feel or just give it a like or dislike, whatever that is or just a constructive criticism. Whatever, you have in mind just write it and share it with us either on our social medial or via email.  I want to know one more thing also what is the one thing that kicks you out the bed early in the morning?

Alright, it has been a big pleasure writing this post and, I will be back with more and if there is something that you want me to cover or extend a little more on this one, let me know via comments and, I might take the time to continue writing on the topic.