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Emoji Marketing – Are We Speaking the Same Language?

Emoji marketing

emoji marketing

Visual content is in, boring, plain text is totally out. An average adults have less then couple of minutes for attention span. Humans are processing information of a visual nature 60,000 times more faster then plain text. Human brain is simply wired for understanding images. In the early days of Internet, messages were getting out by text, and that was the best method. Today we get various information almost five times as much as we did 30 years ago. Did you know that 63% of social networks are made out from images? Marketers have so much creative opportunities from this. One of the huge visual trends that  is taking the marketing world by storm is emoji.

If you have profile on social networks you have probably seen them already through text messages and social feeds. They are practically everywhere, but the first obsession started back in the days when people used them while sending or receiving textual messages. Whether you love or hate them there are more then 6 billion emoticons floating everywhere online and through mobile apps each day. Because they became big phenomenon, various brands are incorporating them into messages for marketing while having communication with younger generation. Emojis are not being limited to just textual messaging. The’y popping up in marketing campaigns, Halloween costumes, movies or even in banks as passwords. A recent research has shown that 84% of women and 75% men thinks that using emoji is a better way to express emotions, then written words. So what’s the real secret behind brands using emoticons? One study has shown that when people see emoji, human brain reacts in a similar way to when we see real human face.

Emoticons can change someones mood actually and even alter their expressions to match character and emotion of emoji. This is the reason why brands are massively integrating emoticons in their marketing campaigns. The crucial part of it all is humanising the messages.

Here are few of the examples so we can see how some of marketers have been successful with incorporation of emojis.

  • Chevrolet company is known to appeal to younger generation of consumers. They published press release that was done in emojis as a whole and made a challenge for people to decipher whats the meaning behind it. The translation was announce of new car model Chevy Cruze.
  • Even though pizza order is not really difficult task, there is always space for more improvement. Domino’s Pizza are letting people order pizza just by texting or tweeting the emoji of pizza slice. When they see it, someone from their workplace will contact you through direct message for the confirmation of order.

Even though you can be excited to use the latest technology available for your audience, test everything and see if your audience is there at all. Emoji marketing might not be for everyone but you have time to research everything since emojis are not going away anytime soon. Don’t just place emoticons onto every part of content you have just so they can be there. The crucial thing to do with emoji is to tap into someones emotions! If you can do that, you did a great job!