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What programming language should you learn? – Infographic


Beginners can very easy get lost in a wide selection of programming languages ​​and in the sea of framework for these programming languages. On various forums and websites can be found discussions which programming language is the best, how, why, what are the advantages, which are disadvantages and so on.

Programming can be learned by anyone. It is certainly an advantage if you are a problem-solving person, or a person who in a simple manner can solve a complex problem and can some real-world problems solve by going to translate into program code. There is only one obstacle that can determine whether you will learn to program or not. This obstacle is the interest in programming. If you are not interested in programming, but behold, you have heard that you can make cool apps for smartphones, then do not even try. At the end you will give up. If you are interested in programming, and love what you do and love to learn – the sky is the limit you. This is true not only for programming but for everything in life. When you are doing something you love, the easier and faster you will learn.

What programming language should you learn?

This is the eternal question of all those who would like to learn to program. Everything comes down to you to decide what your personal preference is; desktop applications, web applications or mobile applications. The important thing is to choose the direction you want to go. No need to worry, this is not the final decision that will determine you as programmer of certain types forever. Once you reach a decent void of knowledge and logical thinking, you will not have too much trouble with switching from one language to another. Furthermore, most programmers will tell you that the decision on the programming language is adapted to the needs of the project on which they plan to write. So, some uses Python, some Java and PHP or something else. In addition, some programming languages ​​provide an opportunity to do more types of applications. For example, in Java you can work desktop and web applications, and Android apps for smartphones. With Python you can create desktop applications, but also there is the popular Python framework Django with whom you can develop web applications. As you can see, the choice is really great.

Conclusion is to get hold of something that you find interesting, of which you will not easily give up. Below is infographic about various programming languages in order to help you choose the one that suits you best: