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5 Signs Your Dog Needs To Visit a Pet Dentist

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The health of your dog is rated on multiple factors. It is important to take care of your  furry friend in multiple respects without missing out on any factors that may be indicating serious health issues. While cleaning out lice and giving regular baths is natural and an important part of their routine, you also have to take care of their teeth. Dogs need nutritious food and proper care for good oral health.

It is important to keep their mouths cleaner through brushing regularly and giving them calcium to boost the strength of their teeth. Dental care is essential for the dogs because their mouth is where all the food will go. If anything becomes infected, it can impact the stomach function and can make your pet weak. But these problems do not occur in a vacuum. There will be tell tale signs that you can be aware of. Let us see the signs that will let you know that the pet needs a dentist.

1. Lack of Energy

Dogs are known for their energy. It is a great indicator of their physical and mental health. If your dogs are not as enthusiastic as they were just a week ago, there might be something wrong with their well being. While lack of energy can indicate a lot of things from dehydration to malnutrition, it can also mean an oral issue.

If there is any kind of pain in the mouth, the dog will try to move as much and will also refrain from eating anything but water. Because they are not eating, it is important to look into all the motors that may be causing their problem. While a vet may help you out, make sure to check your pet’s mouth and see if they need a dentist to help them out.

Understand that a lack of energy will also lead to side effects like irritation. It can cause short temperedness in the sweetest of dogs. They would not want to play the normal way. Rather than engaging in normal actigotos, they might stay alone and rest their heads especially if there is any pain. Getting the medical attention is the first thing your should do in this case.

2. Bad Breath

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If something smells wrong, it probably needs your attention. Ideally, the mouth of your dog will smell the way it normally does without any foul smell. But many times after eating something, that smell might change. With time, it should go back to normal. But if the bad breath has become a norm, it may be a symptom of some underlying issue which needs treatment.

Bad breath may also be caused because of too  much drool in your pet’s mouth. Dogs drool quite a significant amount normally. However, it is never excessive. If the drooling has become too little or too much, keep a check on why it might be happening. In case abnormal drooling is accompanied by bad breath, say on the safe side and consult a dentist.

3. Pain and Blood

The most obvious indicator that something is wrong in the mouth is bleeding. Many times the blood will be ingested and will not be appratent. However, it may also happen when you are brushing their teeth. Other times, pain is a good indicator that things are not normal and there is something which needs your attention.

Pain will show itself in the lack of energy of the dog and their refusal to interact with you the way they normally do. Rather than trying to fix the issue at home, it is better to consult a medical expert so that the issue can be treated at its root. It is ideal to go to a dentist the moment you spy any painful feelings in the dog rather than letting it escalate to bleeding.

Pain may be caused due to bad teeth, mouth ulcers or a bitten tongue. There can be other kinds of bacterial buildups that only an expert can verify. It is important to get them under scrutiny of an expert so that they get the best treatment. If you are looking for a reliable pet dentist, try out the services of dierenziekenhuiseindhoven.nl.

4. Dropping Food

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Any animal will inhale their food when they are truly hungry. They might neglect it when their appetite is satisfied. If your pet is hungry and it is their usual time to eat, check that they are eating as they should. If an otherwise healthy dog drops their food in the middle of a feeding session, it is assumed that something is wrong.

They might have pain in their teeth or some other issue which is causing them discomfort enough to not eat. Dropping food from the mouth while not being able to eat it is a common sign that can lead to a loss of appetite. If your pet is losing their appetite, it is because they cannot eat even if they want to.

It is not something which can be helped or will cure itself with time. Get them tested and have them take required medicines. Reduced appetite can lead to other issues like malnutrition which can cause long term health impacts on your pet.

5. Brown or Yellow Teeth

Dogs have white teeth that are strong enough to chew through meat. The enamel can be better protected through oral hygiene. It is important to look in their mouth and all of their teeth regularly to see if there is any discoloration. If any of the teeth is turning yellow or brown, it may be a cavity or some other issue which would require fixing. Make sure you get them checked and do not eat it spread to any of the other teeth.

The Takeaway

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Your dogs are dependent on you to take care of them. It is a relationship based on love and trust. Taking care of their physical and oral hygiene is essential to help them live their best lives.