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5 Places to Visit in the British Virgin Islands on a Catamaran Charter

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When the temperatures are rising and the holiday season is in full swing,Catamaran Charter it is the perfect time to plan your next destination. Perhaps you have always booked all-inclusive holidays at a hotel in the same country, and you want a change. With tourism on the rise and people moving away from the traditional type of holiday, it may be time to reap the benefits of booking a sailing holiday to another country. In fact, the British Virgin Islands is one of the most talked about places to visit this year. With a total of 83 thousand overnight visitor arrivals and 219 thousand cruise passenger arrivals to the British Virgin Islands recorded in 2020, it is clear that not only are there more tourists visiting the British Virgin Islands, but they are choosing to go on a sailing holiday there.

The British Virgin Islands is the ideal sailing destination for those who are seeking a high level of freedom and fun on a holiday. In fact, many are opting to charter a catamaran above any other type of boat as it provides more stability, space and safety than many others. There are many places to visit in the British Virgin Islands especially for those who love to sail on either a yacht or a catamaran charter. With countless hidden coves, secluded bays, bountiful landscape and sunny skies, the British Virgin Islands is certainly worth all the hype.

As society progresses and technology has allowed us to book holidays in a much easier fashion, you can now charter a catamaran as well as many other boats via a boat rental company online. You can click here for more information. This eliminates the lengthy process of having to find information in person and manually find holidays that suit your budget.

The implementation of filters on these types of sites mean that you can quickly find a catamaran that suits how many guests are going on the holiday and how much you are willing to spend. You can also choose whether or not you want a captain or a crew which is beneficial as they can assist in directing you to excellent tourist spots.

The BVI’s is one of the top locations to visit right now for many reasons

Gordo Peak National Park

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If you are considering visiting the British Virgin Islands, one spot you shouldn’t miss is Gordo Peak National Park, where you can see Anegada Island on a clear day from the four-hundred-meter summit and lookout point, approached by a roughly 2.5-kilometre trail. Alternatively, you can go to Sage Mountain National Park on Tortola which is the highest point in the island chain at 500 meters and offers spectacular views which is the perfect place to take great photographs.

Sandy Spit


If you want to visit even more picturesque places, Sandy Spit is perhaps the most1 stunning island in the whole of the British Virgin Islands. Sandy Spit is not just visually pleasing but also permits you to take part in various water sports around it. You can find Sandy Spit about halfway between Jost van Dyke and Tortola. Although it is a popular place to visit, there may even be the chance that you find yourself alone on the island as it is so small. In this way, you can relax in peace without the presence of other people.


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Anegada is also a reputable location on the British Virgin Islands. The flatness of this island makes it perfect for people to partake in water sports like windsurfing, snorkeling and diving. Again, like Sandy Spit Anegada does not usually be flocked by tourists and therefore gives you the opportunity to have fun with those who have come on holiday with you.

White Bay

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Although the British Virgin Islands are full of beautiful luxurious beaches, White Bay is certainly the most popular beach in the whole of the British Virgin Islands. Located on Jost Van Dyke, this island is known for its stunning scenery and is associated with yacht parties where people go to let their hair down. White Bay permits holiday makers to go underwater exploring also with loads of places to sample the local cuisine when you have completed a day of activities.

The Baths

Source: youtube.comYou cannot consider visiting the British Virgin Islands if you do not check out The Baths which are located on Virgin Gorda. Here you will find an array of giant boulders which have been the result of volcanic eruptions. The Baths does not just attract everyday holiday goers, but it is not uncommon to see plenty of famous figures at this location.

In conclusion

With opulent resorts, restaurants, activities, sites and villas, the British Virgin Islands is set to be top of the list for destinations to visit this year. Although many people visit the British Virgin Islands during the summer, it is also worth visiting them from September to November if you want to avoid crowds in both the peak of the summer and in the winter.

The best way to see the British Virgin Islands is by chartering a Catamaran and sailing through it. Not only does it allow you to retain a high level of autonomy when you are ticking things off of your bucket list, but it also means that you can see more things in a short space of time with plenty of opportunity for activities. Remember if you are choosing this type of holiday, to find a yacht that suits your budget and that will cater to every person on board.