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6 Different Types of Rubber Plugs and Their Uses – 2024 Guide

You can find rubber stoppers in different shapes. People mostly use them as an accessory for certain equipment that needs them for many reasons. For this reason, their use is widespread. That is why you can notice them in many industries. So, they can be used as levelers and sliders for various types of furniture, sealing, protective coverings or as mosaic tiles, etc.

Given such wide use, they are very popular and sought after as different types. One of their most effective uses may be to use it to store chemicals. In this way, each product is extremely safe and there is no risk of evaporation. This example also proves the great ability of that type of material.

In any case, people’s demands are different. That is why different types are constantly being designed. Once you discover all the ways to use this item, you will surely want to use it right away. To find out all about this, keep reading and find out what we are talking about.

1. Rubber plus plugs

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This model is designed to allow 360 degrees use or protection. It is for this reason that they are very often used in production, because their application is very practical in different production conditions. They can be used in manufacturing, transportation or any other industry. The same is the case with delivery. Their use is very simple thanks to their shape. They are placed in the appropriate part of the equipment so that it can function properly.

It also acts as connector. This means that this type of rubber stopper keeps the pieces of equipment in one place and thus prevents them from separating. Their use is not one-time, people use them up to several times. They are so practical and economical.

2. Rubber T-plugs

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These ones look like screws. This means that one end is round and flat as they narrow at the end. Their narrow end allows them to be easily inserted into the pipe, openings and all other storage places. People usually use them when they want to pack a certain package that is ready for shipment. This way, their package will arrive completely safe, because that ones do not allow anything to go wrong with the packaging.

Of course, they are not used for every type of packaging. Their use for this purpose will depend on the need for packaging, because thermal packaging is recommended for some packaging. On the other hand, they are used when the equipment contains some hollow parts that need to be filled with them. So, they are used to close pipes or openings

3. Rubber washer plugs

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This type of rubber stoppers will remind many of an AB wheel. So, it will not be difficult for you to understand what they look like. However, like all other ones, you can find them in different sizes. So on the market you can see a rubber stopper that has a regular roller at one end while tapering at the other end. There is a hoop in the middle. This is exactly what a rubber washer plug looks like.

However, these ones are usually used for painting, using powder varnishes, etc. Due to their construction, they can also be used more than once. When it comes to their purpose, we can tell you the same thing we said about T-plugs. However, there is one difference between these two types. And that applies to the way you pack. In addition to closing the holes, they also cover the entire area around the holes.

4. Electrical connector plugs

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As you can imagine, this type is used to protect electrical connectors. Their purpose is to provide them with security due to various external influences that are harmful factors. So, it refers to oxygen, moisture or dust. Of course, there are different types of these connectors and therefore their purpose is different. For example, a female electrical connector is a type of connector that has a metal extension that needs to be protected. Of course, the main factor in this case is the current flowing through the extension. It is for this reason that these connectors are placed in rubber plugs. They represent a type of prevention and their main function is protection against electricity.

It can be used in various industries as well as in laboratories. In laboratories, they are used as an ideal opportunity to fill holes in glassware and everything else that must not leak liquid.

5. Custom rubber plugs

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We present you these custom ones that are designed with one purpose, and that refers to individual needs. So, if a person or company needs a specific service, this option also exists. What is meant by a specific service? This refers to certain conditions of application, and it is mostly about extremely high or low temperatures, various chemical interactions, high pressures, etc.
Depending on the circumstances, the application of these plugs is different. However, they are mostly used in combination with serious chemicals that need to be well packaged. If you need a custom one, visit etolrubber.com to find out about the product customization process, because there are certain rules you have to follow.

6. Pull plugs

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Finally, we present you a type that is totally different in appearance from all the others. What distinguishes them the most from standard rubber plugs is their length and additional elements. So, handles are added on the side with which they are pushed as deep as possible and thus it is easier to cover the holes. In addition to filling holes perfectly, they are ideal when it comes to removing these plugs.

It is these elements that allow you to easily get out of the hole. This means that you can push them as much as you need and later take them out very easily. On the other hand, they have a lot in common with other types of rubber stoppers. This refers to the ability to withstand high temperatures, chemical reactions, etc. So their application is universal.


Due to the great characteristics of rubber stoppers, you can use them in countless different ways in various industries. Due to the wide application it can have, more and more of them are being produced today. We hope that you have managed to find in the text all the information that may be useful to you in the future.