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4 Best Gambling Podcasts You Should Listen to Improve Your Bets – 2024 Guide

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Trends on the internet change quite often and rather quickly, and if you do not keep up you can be quite surprised. In the current era of mass video material consumption, one format is rapidly rising above others when it comes to things like news, talk shows, and all sorts of entertainment. We are of course talking about podcasts, a rather old format in its most basic concept but still one that has been enjoying prominence lately.

What is it?

You probably heard the word and you have an idea about what it is and what it looks like. A podcast is a form of a video talk show between two or more people, in which one side is the host of the show while the other is the guest. The number of both varies greatly, but usually, there are only one or two hosts and one to two guests at the same time. Regarding the topics and subjects they talk about, they can be about literally anything, which is the main appeal of this new craze. The key is for the host to be knowledgeable on the matter and to invite important people who have interesting stories and things to say, preferably someone who the audience has been asking for.

The funnier and more engaging the interaction between the host(s) and the guest(s) the better and more popular every episode will be. There are some amazing podcasts out there on topics like movies, politics, video games, sports, and just generals talk show ones that deal with everyday life and the ongoing events in society. For the purposes of this article, we will be focusing on gambling podcasts that have truly been popular for the last couple of years, mainly due to the increase of online gambling services and apps. Following is a list of the best gambling podcasts from which you can learn a lot and therefore improve your bets. If you wish to find out more about this and try some games, make sure to visit here.

1. Behind the Bets

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If you have always been interested in what the world of Las Vegas has to offer behind the scenes, this show is the thing you have been waiting for. It is hosted by the ESPN gambling expert and analyst Doug Kezirian who invites some of the biggest names in the game. During the whole of 2024, they have taken a new approach and explored modern ways of gambling such as on eSports games like League of Legends, a very lucrative and still unknown area for many. They have also talked about lesser-known sports in the absence of the major ones due to the pandemic, in an effort to give people something to bet on. On Twitter, they have nearly 33,000 followers, making them one of the top podcasts about the world of gambling on the internet. The show airs once per week and it is completely free to listen to and watch, like most other podcasts.

2. Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

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If Cousin Sal sounds familiar to you, there is a very good reason for this. He is the very same one from Jimmy Kimmel’s famous late-night talk show, whom the popular host uses as comedic relief and as help in many of his sketches and bits. While other gambling podcasts are serious in their idea to cover the world of gambling and bring it closer to people, Against All Odds is more on the comedic and humorous side of the spectrum. Sal invites celebrities as guests and discusses their involvement in gambling. They cover all sorts of sports, most common being the NFL and the NBA. Experts from Vegas also come frequently, which combined with the major celebrities makes this podcast truly famous and beloved. This can easily be seen in the number of Twitter followers that has crossed 200,000.

3. Gambling With an Edge

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The third gambling podcast we have for you today is hosted by pro gamblers Richard Munchkin and Bob Dancer. If you have ever thought about going pro or if you really love and enjoy gambling on a pro-level, this podcast will be your favorite thing online. It has been on for a decade now and the pair have released hundreds of episodes over the years. Therefore, to really improve your moves and become a better player, there is arguably no better place to do so than this talk show. Most episodes feature a special guest who brings even more to the table (pun not intended).

4. The Sports Gambling Podcast

Here is another long-lasting show all about gambling on your favorite sports. Ryan Kramer and Sean Green are the co-creators and co-hosts, and what distinguishes them the most from their peers and other podcasts is the fact they release multiple episodes per week. All of the latest and ongoing sporting events are actively covered in the show, one of the reasons they have to record more than one episode per week. To stay in touch with every sporting event of importance, especially in relation to placing bets, make sure to listen to the expert pair. Their game previews and news can truly help you make better decisions and give you the info that your bets could benefit from.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

To increase your skill level and enjoy more opportunities to win money from your favorite casino games and sports bets, you should seriously consider listening to one of these amazing talk shows hosted by some true experts in the industry. Moreover, you can learn a lot of things from the guests who share both their positive and negative experiences, all offering great insight into the wider world of gambling. Podcasts are amazing because you can do so many other things while listening, like drive, cook, clean, take a shower, walk, or jog. They do not require you to sit in front of a device and watch meaning you can use it as background noise you will actually learn something from. For the best effect, try more than one or even all of them. You will become a pro in no time!