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What Is The Difference Between A Bodyguard And Executive Protection?

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Its well said that with fame and name comes an outstanding level of risk; to eliminate these risks, hiring a team of professionals is essential. These security units are responsible for your safety, even in the worse possible scenario.

Reports recently revealed that a significant share of Mark Zuckerberg’s expenses ensures his safety and security. He even bought all homes surrounding his own to ensure isolation and security. There are two types of security personnel. Let us discuss the difference between them in this article.

Body Guards

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You might have seen some muscle men making way for a person in crowds or events on the red carpet. Such people are in the same uniforms with Bluetooth in their ears and displaying physical strength.

These people are bodyguards present at such places to provide safety and security to the person. The restriction of such security agents is that they are used only for depicting physical strength and do not play any role above it. These bodyguards protect the client, take their children to school and ensure that all family members are safe and there are no roles apart from it for them.

Executive Protection Agents

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As the term suggests, the executive protection agents have their duties different from bodyguards, and various tasks are added to the list. These agents are trained and skilled in survival combat and are mainly deployed at places where life is in danger. They assure users and ensure they are safe under their security. Some specific requirements of a protection agent are discussed below in detail. You can find here the best armed security,


A protection agent’s task isn’t only limited to carrying a weapon around the client to ensure that he is safe. His tasks are further escalated to being the security personnel who looks after all the events and schedules of the client. They look over the schedule and ensure that various copies of fake schedules are made so a person cannot reach the actual one. They are the only people in the entire security block who are aware of the direction and route which has to be taken to ensure complete security.

So communication and management are core features of an executive protection agent. They communicate with other people in contact with the client, ask about all possible threats at a particular event, and plan counter strategies for the same. They even look after an emergency team that has to be deployed if an issue arises at the event or outdoor visit. They even work with the event management teams and provide them with their consultation on ways to make the entire event more safe and secure.


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These professionals are mainly retired army men or commandos and have spent numerous years protecting their homeland. These people are well trained in the skills of survival and counter-attack, and experience comes as a complimentary benefit to them. They have gone through a series of vigorous training and have now evolved into the most strategies and physically strong people. Its believed that a commando could kill a person in 28 different ways without a weapon.

Such techniques and expertise can turn out to be an excellent help for ensuring security. There are also certain weapon specialists in the security units whose primary duty is to train the entire unit in a specific weapon. They are part of the core team which moves with the client and ensures that there are no security breaches, and if there are any such breaches, then they have an emergency squad at command.

Being Decisive

Such agents are trained in the skill of 3-second decisions; they need to make sure that they make quick decisions in the time of emergency. The 3-second rule states that whenever there is an emergency, find the solution for the same within 3 seconds, and your top priority should be the client. Numerous years on the battlefield have taught them that each decision comes with a price and lives, so they need to sort their priorities and evaluate all the decisions which can save more lives, including the client.

Versatility And Interaction

The ability to blend in the best way of a protection agent to ensure that his client is safe. So they must be well versed in the ability to be versatile to ensure security. In emergency situations, they must hide their clients or law low for some time to blend in with the locals. They go undetected among the locals, and with their abilities to be quick and observant, they avoid getting much attention from others. They are not dressed in a specific uniform but in everyday clothing and introduce themselves as assistants or other people.

Technical Team

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A special team of well-trained technical professionals is responsible for taking care of the security firewalls. Their main tasks involve ensuring CCTV encryption safety, then, they need to ensure that all the data traffic remains untracked and all the private calls made to the client are traced with permission. This team is also responsible for saving the personnel from cyber-attacks and keeping their data private.

Executive Protection Agents Vs. Bodyguards: Duties

Based on the method of working and the responsibilities, we can easily compare the levels of security between them.

Layers Of Security

There are multiple layers of security provided by protection agents as they ensure that no one can carry firearms around them. They also ensure that the client faces no cyber or other attacks. At the same time, the bodyguards are limited only to physical attacks.

Emergency Response

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The emergency response is much more efficient with protection agents because they have teams at standby that are ready with workforce and firearms in a single arm. So they can provide a higher reliability level in an emergency.

Presentation And Management

The bodyguards are mainly found in the standard dressing and are easy to recognize, whereas the protection agents in the regular dressing ensure complete secrecy.


Safety and security are two major factors that make a person relaxed. With name and fame, sometimes people make a lot of enemies, and sometimes people with malicious intentions target such people to extract money from them. So it’s beneficial to invest in a security team rather than paying up such people.