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Is There Any Difference Between Portable Air Conditioners and Air Coolers?

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A regular fan is not enough to help you get rid of hot weather. It cannot dry you up and blow sweat from your body. When you are continuously sweating, you need a heavy-duty device to get cool and fresh air. You can prefer either a portable air conditioner or a cooler. But you might be thinking about how these devices are different from each other.

Before you install any device, make sure that you know some differences. Click here to explore and buy plenty of air-cooling devices that you can install in your home or office. There is a common similarity that both appliances are portable, and you can move from one room to another.

In the following write-up, we will discuss the differences between portable air conditioners and coolers. After that, you will decide which option will be perfect for your home or office.

Degrees for Cooler Air

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Both appliances have a setting to change the temperature and make the air cooler. But there is a difference in the number of degrees. If you prefer the AC, then you can lower down the temperature by up to 10 degrees.

But it is not the same case with the cooler because it can lower the temperature by up to 3 degrees. Now, you can imagine that your room will have an AC that will be cooler than the other device. But you need to add a humidifier to take care of your nose and respiratory system.

Use of Cooling Fluid

In AC, the cooling fluid is used to make the room cool. But there is no cooling fluid used in the cooler. Instead, you need to add water to the container attached to it. The vapors formed by the water help in making the room cool.

It helps in humidifying the atmosphere, which lets you stay comfortable for long hours. You will not experience cold enough if you stay in the room for a whole day.

Different Working

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In an AC, there are both hot and cold units in a single box. The cold air enters the room from the condenser coil, and hot air leaves the room through an exhaust hose. It is a continuous process that keeps going until it is switched off. The condensation of water is accumulated and drained in a bucket.

On the other hand, the air cooler works on the method of evaporation. The walls of the cooler are water-soaked, and there is a fan to blow out the air. The warm air is taken by the fan. It propels with the wet pads to give cool air. It is like splashing water on your skin on a hot day. The evaporation provides a cooling effect. It saves electricity up to 80%.

Areas Where These Devices Work Best

An AC works better where the evaporation process is not possible or enough to make the room cool. The cold air is high, and it can effectively lower the temperature of the room. It is expensive in terms of price, installation, and maintenance.

The significant drawback is that it lowers the humidity by up to 20%. On the other hand, the air cooler is perfect for use in dry weather. It is necessary to have open windows and doors for proper air circulation and get fresh air.

Humidity Levels

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As compared to AC, the cooler increases the humidity level of the room. If you want to avoid excess humidity, then it is better to open some doors and windows. You should avoid using a cooler in wet or rainy weather.

It works well whether the weather is dry and humidity is needed inside the room. On the other hand, AC is perfect to use when you need to eliminate excess humidity levels. It can make the air dry and cold. In summers and rainy seasons, AC works better than a cooler.

Use of Device Indoors or Outdoors

You can use an air cooler outdoors because it converts dry and hot air into a cold one. When you keep the device outdoors, the air circulation will be smooth, and you will enjoy the fresh air. On the other side, you can install AC indoors only.

It is necessary to shut doors and windows while operating it. If you keep all the windows and doors open, the device needs to work hard to keep the temperature low. The extra load will consume more electricity, and the device will work with less efficiency.

Power Consumption

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Every device consumes different amounts of power or electricity. As compared to AC, the cooler consumes less power. You can save a lot of money if you are using this device. But in some places, it is hard to use coolers.

Therefore, many people switch to AC and pay expensive bills to operate them. The more you will use the AC, the more it will consume energy. Whenever you leave the room, you must switch off the appliance.

Installation and Maintenance Cost

The installation and maintenance cost of AC is high as compared to the coolers. You need help to install the device at a specific location in your home or office in case of AC. The portable ones are easy to move, but it is challenging to move the heavy ones.

It is necessary to clean or maintain the AC, you have to call the service provider. But if we talk about a cooler, then you can install and clean it whenever you require. Therefore, the cost of the maintenance and installation process of the cooler is relatively low.

The Bottom Line

If you are confused between buying the air conditioner or cooler, you must go through all the mentioned differences. In this way, you can explore what you need and the best option for your room or office.

Undoubtedly, ACs are more expensive than coolers, but it is your choice what to buy. Make sure that you spend your money wisely. Take care of your needs and get fresh cold air at your home or office.