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8 Tips and Tricks for Customizing Your Ford Ranger


Ford Ranger is the most versatile and widely chosen model for truck drivers, with year-over-year interior features and off-road performance improvements. Many drivers contemplate purchasing a brand new one or getting their used one modified with various enhancements, upgrades, and customization. If you seek to revamp the Ford Ranger for an enhanced driving experience, especially on off-road paths, this article is for you.

We will learn some of the classiest yet most affordable customization ideas for Ford Rangers. Now there are many ways to modify your vehicle; you can protect your bumper and headlight by adding bull bars or can, install tonneau covers on your ford ranger bed rack for that extra protection from dust or debris, or can secure your tailgate’s life with tailgate damper. Furthermore, you can buy off-road wheels or tires and keep them handy for extreme off-road adventures.

Top Tips For Ford Ranger Customization


Be it for off-road enhancement or to revamp the overall look of your Ford Ranger; we will concentrate on all accessories worth buying in this section. From a snorkel that allows your engine to breathe even in extreme conditions to covering your ford ranger bed rack with tonneau covers to bull bars to protect your headlights from scratching, you will understand the importance of each accessory. So sit back and read various ways to customize your truck for that badass fiery look.

1. Bull Bars

Protect your car’s front end with sturdy yet stylish bull bars. It is one of the most popular replacement accessories for the front grill. It is the simplest yet effective way to protect a vehicle and give it a new level of badassery. Choose raptor grills to transform the overall look of your car and its vulnerable parts during off-road driving. Besides this, flying debris and thick shrubs can damage your headlights, bumper, and grille, so choosing a strong grille guard is worth choosing when customizing your Ford ranger.

2. Tailgate Damper

To ensure better control of your tailgate, a damper is worth buying. A tailgate damper often uses damper structs that speed up your car’s tailgate opening. A damper can make your tailgate fall steadily, and that way, it can save you from the hustle of dealing with the damaged tailgate. When buying a damper, consider buying one with remote control access. It can help you open your Ford Ranger’s tailgate from a distance.

The tailgate damper is the most affordable customization tip, as the mini accessory is easy-to-install and available in wide varieties. If you cannot install these, it is recommended to watch tutorial videos or read the instruction manual on the packaging. Indeed, you will save money upon its installation by professionals.

3. Tonneau Covers

Yet another essential tip or customization idea to opt for your Ford Ranger is to buy stylish yet high-quality tonneau covers. These are the most installed accessory for trucks of all sizes. A tonneau cover protects your truck bed from debris and unnecessary water seepage. Furthermore, the covers help improve your truck’s aerodynamics, ensuring a smoother driving experience.

There is a variety of tonneau covers available in the market, from roll-up to retractable to trifold to soft or hard surface ones. You can choose any of these that match your style. Now, for installing complex & costly covers, taking help from professionals is advisable. Still, specific covers are available in the market that is easy to install by watching a tutorial.

4. Wheels


The best way to customize your ford ranger is to purchase a set of brand-new wheels specially designed for off-road driving. Customizing your truck’s wheels can give it a more personalized look. Many aftermarket tires and wheels are available in the market for every model. You need to choose the one that fits and looks good on your car. As the most expensive customization idea, check their durability and warranty period when buying wheels or tires for your Ford Ranger. Being a sizeable truck-enhancing item, consider whether it matches your need and budget.

5. Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are yet another must-follow customization idea for your Ford Ranger. These are tinted and are usually used for lessening the sun glare on your windows. Furthermore, installing a wind deflector is the best way to save the interiors of your car during rain and its moisture.

6. Suspension Upgrade

Whether you are an extreme off-roader or not, upgrading your car’s suspension can make a massive difference in driving. You will enjoy a smooth, jerk-free ride every time. Suspension upgrades usually vary from lift kits to trail-ready long-drive suspension. It may even go from heavy-weight kits to heavy-duty towing.

7. Snorkel


Snorkels are yet another mus-consider customization tip, especially if you are on an off-road adventure trip. Imagine driving off-road and suddenly landing in an unexpectedly flooded lake or river bend on the path. With snorkel going on such routes becomes easy. A snorkel allows air to inflow into your car engine even when submerged. It is because your engine also needs to breathe to run smoothly. A snorkel allows clean air into your engine and does not allow debris and dust to get in.

8. LED Highlights

To give your muscular Ford Ranger a sporty look, you can switch your regular stock headlights with Mustang LED headlights. These simple-to-install lights are perfect for giving your car the eyes of that badass horse. Available for both right-hand & left-hand drive configurations, the built-in high-intensity bulbs in these headlights give magnificent aesthetics to your Ford Ranger.

Closing Note

And that’s a wrap to the helpful guide! Hopefully, the abovementioned customization ideas or tips will help you transform your old Ford Ranger into a brand new one with that desired sporty look you have always wished. Or, if you’ve bought a brand new Ford Ranger and are thinking of accessorizing it with cool add-ons, then you must check out these valuable customization tips or ideas. Indeed, these tips will make your driving experience smooth and convenient, especially during off-road trips.