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Top Replica Lightsaber Duelling – 8 Tips and Tricks

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With replica lightsabers getting more realistic by the day, lightsaber dueling has become quite popular amongst Star Wars fans, and with so many Star Wars movies, shows, and games, these fans now have a plethora of combat scenes that they can choose to re-enact.

Regardless of the combat scene, you choose to re-enact, two things that should always be on your mind during lightsaber dueling are safety and the right type of fighting techniques. Below are some lightsaber dueling tips and tricks to ensure that you stay safe and also have a fun-filled dueling experience.


1. Get The Right Replica Lightsaber for Duelling

There are several models of replica lightsabers on the market today and choosing the right grade is the first step to making sure you’re ready for a lightsaber duel.

Not all replica lightsabers are designed for dueling, so you will need to get yourself a duel-ready lightsaber, sites like Padawan Outpost are good places to pick one up. Go for replicas with strong metal hilts and heavy-grade blades as they are more suited to withstand intense combat conditions.

2. Train For Perfect Postures

Many people ignore this, but posture is important for securing victory in a lightsaber duel. A proper posture ensures that you are correctly grounded, focused, and balanced.

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This can enhance both your offense and defense during combat. To get your posture right, learn how to do the footwork for the lightsaber combat style you are using.

Better footwork means minimal movement and more energy saved during battle. Footwork is also needed if you are using a weighted lightsaber. This is because weighted lightsabers require aggressive attacks which leave openings that you can easily block with the balance you get from proper footwork.

3. The Art of Breathing

Lightsaber dueling is a physical activity and breathing plays a role in helping you win. By mastering the art of breathing, you will be able to build up your endurance and maintain your posture during the fight- all of which are critical aspects of winning.

Control your breaths by breathing from your stomach instead of your chest. Taking longer breaths will also keep your nerves calm and allow you to focus better.

4. Hold the Hilt Properly and Securely

Secure your lightsaber by holding the hilt properly. Think of it as an extension of your body, as this will help you better control how your movements influence the lightsaber.

5. Do Not Overswing

Although you may want to swing and clash your lightsaber as quickly as the Jedis and Sith lords do in the movies, you mustn’t do. You need to control your swings as over-swinging can cause you to lose battles in real-life lightsaber duels.

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Over-swinging takes away from your focus and you tend to miss the mark more. Let every swing you make be controlled and calculated. This is even more important if you are using a weighted lightsaber.

6. Enroll In a Lightsaber Training School

For you to hone your lightsaber battling skills, you can enroll in a lightsaber training school to learn from the experts. It is also a way for you to master complex dueling styles and techniques.


1. Lightsaber Throw Trick

Although this trick isn’t used by Jedis or Sith Lords, real-life lightsaber duelists love it. Just as implied by the name, the trick involves throwing a lightsaber and then using some sort of thread to make the lightsaber come back into the hand.

One end of the thread is tied to the lightsaber, while the other end is tied to your hand. The trick is, when you throw the lightsaber toward your opponent, the thread will pull the saber right back into your hands.

While this trick may look easy, it’s not. Mastering it will require intense training. Some people may not see the use of the trick but it can provide you with a broader range of motion. It is also a nice trick you can use to surprise your opponent.

2. Spinning Your Lightsaber

Swinging your lightsaber alone will not work to defeat your opponent (unless they are an amateur duelist) so you will need to learn the art of spinning a lightsaber. Learning to spin your lightsaber can serve two purposes; the first is to improve the flexibility of your wrist, which will further enhance your ability to swing in a broader range.

The second purpose is that spinning your lightsaber can look excessive and confuse your opponent – what better way to win a fight than to get in your opponent’s head?


Learning the right tips and tricks is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of replica lightsaber dueling.

Some of these combat tricks may even come in handy for protecting yourself in real life. Incorporate the above tips and tricks into your lightsaber dueling today and don’t forget to Practice! Practice! Practice!

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