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3 Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment

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Military simulation sessions take place in Italy for a time now and people really enjoy that. They offer different difficulty levels and you can opt for the one that you seem fit for. The most difficult one was also held in Italy and the match lasts for about 48 hours. So if you have a strong body and mindset and you think that you can play it, go for it.

But wait,

You need your equipment. It is not possible for you to join the military simulation session without your equipment. And if you want to win the fight, you have to get the best one. So how about preparing a backpack of airsoft equipment? After all, it is the best one for these milsim sessions.

softair.blog is the one-stop-shop for all the things that you need to prepare your backpack. They have camouflage vests, jackets, airsoft guns, rifles, and also snipers. Moreover, you will also need refills. For example, if you chose to go with battery-powered guns and rifles, you will need extra batteries. Likewise, if you opt for a gas-operated sniper and gun, you will need gas refilling.

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As the session continues for 24 to 48 hours, you will need to fight during the night. Therefore, you will need night viewers. But don’t worry, you can get night vision goggles, binoculars, and also spotting scopes and thermal visors.

However, that’s not all. You can also get your special paints, sleds, battery chargers, and also a pistol and gun torches. You need aiming optics, you can get it. To put it simply, they will prepare you for the winning fight and you can get even things that you might not remember to put on the list.

So when you are going for a winning fight and you are all prepared physically, you need the best equipment too. Therefore, we are providing you with a guide that will help you out with your purchase of the right tools.

1. The type of gun or rifle

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Airsoft guns are of various types. The main difference is their operating principle. For example, some guns are operated through a spring system while others through the gas. And then there are electricity and battery-operated ones too. So which one you choose? You have to make your decision very carefully because the right guns will change the game.

Therefore, you should look for;

  1. Size
  2. Power
  3. Capacity
  4. Price

Spring guns

Spring guns have a spring that provides enough power to the firing system to fire BBs. Therefore, they have a mechanical principle. You will have to cock back the pistol in order to fire the rubber. That is why they are not a very hot item for the milsim sessions. If the spring gets affected, you won’t have any choice. However, if the spring works perfectly, it might also make you win the game. But either way, it should not be your first choice.

Gas operated guns

They also have a mechanical working principle. The gun will harness the gas power and proper the BB. Usually, you get pistols with this principle. So when we compare these pistols to the ones with spring, gas ones are better in performance. They are fast and also have more power. Furthermore, you don’t have to cock back anything, a lot of functions are automatic while some are semi-automatic.

Therefore, you can choose to go with this one. Moreover, there are 2 types of gases here. One type of gun has a “green gas” while others work by CO2. Although the shooting range and power are better in CO2 operated pistols but it is not environmentally safe.

Electric powered guns

They are the most common type of equipment used for milsim sessions. This is because of their amazing power and different shooting options. For example, you can choose a completely automatic mode and fire BBs. Or you can go with semiautomatic. Furthermore, there is an option of single fire mode too. So you can choose your firing mode depending upon the number of your opponents.

In addition to this, they run on batteries. So if you want to win the game and you are sure that you will go till the end, you can get some extra batteries. And there are also chargers. So while you are using the extra battery, you can charge the previous one. This is the most convenient option among all three types.

2. The right night vision binoculars

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Night visions are also a necessity because you will be fighting through the night. So if your opponent has them and you don’t, it will be a losing point for you. There are 4 generations of night viewers.

Generation 1

These are suitable for close range but because they are the first introduced ones, their resolution is less. Furthermore, the visual range is also only 75 yards. So you can use them for limited purposes only.

Generation 2

Then there are the 2nd generation binoculars that are quite functional. Their clarity is better than the first ones. Furthermore, there is a microchannel plate that provides you with brighter and clearer images. The visual range is also 200 yards.

Generation 3

Generation 3 binoculars offer better image quality and they also perform well in low light. And their battery also lasts longer. Furthermore, the viewing range is also more than the previous ones and is 300 yards.

Generation 4

This is the latest generation of night viewers and therefore, they outperform all the previous generations in terms of performance. And they work best under very low light.

3. Your safety vest

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Finally, your vest. It will protect you from the attacks of your opponents. Therefore, you should choose the right vest with the right features. These include;

  1. Should camouflage
  2. Offer molle pouches
  3. The vest should be adjustable