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WP Rocket Custom WordPress Cache Plugin Vs W3 Total Cache


WP Rocket plugin is WordPress cache plugin handling the speed of your WordPress driven website. Here at Techinfographics we are constantly looking for an improvement and new innovative solutions to stay competitive on the search engine. Just before you make the wrong conclusion, please allow me to make a statement. Yes, WP Rocket plugin is premium plugin. However, I am not getting paid to deliver this review. I am writing this post, because I suffered a lot with the previous plugins, such as W3 Total Cache.


I am writing this post only to inform you that there is an alternative solution for the page loading times and the caching of your pages. I do pay for this plugin same as everyone else. The reason for me to be so keen to write this review is simply because of the customer support.


I must highlight that Marko N, who helped me for approximately a month to solve a problem that turned out to be not even part of the plugin settings. However, Marko provided excellent service to me and to the overall performance of Techinfographics.


You probably have asked yourself. Why does W3 Total cache has so many reviews and publications online all over the place? The answer is simple W3 was founded in 2003. This probably tells you that it is absolutely normal to see so much cover stories and reviews related to W3. I never personally liked this plugin and never understood the settings correctly. However, this is only my own opinion. The very simple reason for me to choose to compare WP Rocket Vs W3 cache is because, I have used both plugins and based on my simple experience, my website was slow and the bounce rate was ridiculous when I still used W3.

Why would you pay for a plugin?

I think that this would be very simple question to answer. We all like free stuff and if all of us could find something for free that could do the job, then this is perfect. However, if a certain plugin does the job better than the free version, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that, you get what you paid for. I also like free stuff, everyone does. I personally paid for this plugin because of what it delivers to my website. The performance and the support provided by WP Rocket is outstanding and if you care about your customers, you should not be thinking twice.

Features and Comparison of WP Rocket Plugin

Here is comparison between few other cache plugins but the focus on this post is aiming towards W3 and WP Rocket.


It is very obvious that based on the comparison sheet that WP Rocket is ticking all of the boxes compared to  W3 cache plugin.  As you can see yourself most of the features are very fast. The speed of my website has improved significantly.

WP Rocket gmetrix test

When I did some research to see how to shape this post, I noticed many of the reviews are providing statistics about different websites and not the website, where the plugin is hosted. My review is about this website and WP Rocket plugin. If you think this is slow, you had to see it before the plugin was installed. The website used to load for approx. 15 seconds. At the time of writing this article my images are not optimized properly and I also have tracking script provided by Hotjar.

Configuration and Settings of the WP Rocket Plugin


This video will guide you through the installation and configuration of the plugin. However, if you prefer to find out more internal help read the documentation for WP Rocket. If you face problems during the installation and the configuration, then you can always turn your questions, back to the lovely support team.

Final Thoughts for WP Rocket

My overall experience with WP Rocket is excellent. I have been using the plugin for more than 3 months so far and everything is running smoothly. This Plugin is one of the fastest plugins on the market. The starting price is $39 for one Website and once again, I must say it is totally worth it guys. If you are searching for caching plugin. I do believe you should definitely give it a go. I do believe that once you try this plugin for one of your websites it will quickly become indispensable tool in your arsenal.