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Adobe AE Infographic Tutorial – How to Create Pie Charts and Circles


Pie Charts and circles are one of the essential elements creating infographics in Adobe After Effects. They are really useful to show percentages, volumes, number of units and so fort. Pie Charts are a really good way to show relative sizes: it is easy to see which objects are most liked, and which are least liked, at a glance.No need of explanation.Numerical proportions speaks for them self. Viewers instantly understand proportions and it helps them to absorb information quicker and more efficiently.

Similar to Pie Charts, circles are also one of the most common and necessary elements used in infographics. Circle might be perfect solution connecting infographic scenes in Adobe AE. There are many ways how to build awesome transitions in Adobe AE, and if you are looking for a “ready to use” products aesweets.com might be exactly what you need. What is AE Sweets? According to the creators – sweet for After Effects is a preset based script which will help you build smooth and tasty animations in just a few clicks:

However, if you are familiar with Adobe AE, you can build yourself awesome Pie Charts and sweeping circles easily.Here is few tips, which hopefully will help you build awesome infographics or motion graphics in general.

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