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Crash Bandicoot [infographic]


Small, orange character that marked one console, then changed manufacturers, transfer to multiplatform and became an icon of “popular culture” – Crash Bandicoot .. In a number of successful sequels it always provided hours of fun to gamers of all ages. On this occasion, let us remember his greatest adventure …

Who is he? He’s allergic to bees, genetically modified Eastern Bandicoot, and the protagonist of gaming franchise that has sold 34 million copies and which appeared on seven different platform. We talk about Crash Bandicoot. Orange, the lovable creature that has shattered crates and gathering apples that are for some reason were in those crates. To us a little older it becomes increasingly passable, we are pleased that there is, but we do not experience it how we used to. Crash, and team from Naughty Dog has always been full of crazy ideas and just funny.

Naughty Dog
A team of only ten people has made a little masterpiece of a game called Crash Bandicoot. Ten crazies are found in and did it with style, in a friendly atmosphere, slowly but surely. Eventually they get the whole franchise from which they earned a lot. With the appearance of of PlayStation 2, the team that is now significantly increased took over the production of a new arcade which should bring with it some new standards and have success greater than the Crash. And so it was, Jak and Daxter are a huge hit whose popularity is not declining, and continues to impress some innovative solutions within some long known genre. Nintendo games are not the only ones who defend the honor of the arcade. Crash games were after that a little disappeared down into these innovations and ended with moderate success, but still good enough success to continue trying something and stay as competition in the market in 2007.

How many series are there?
We decided not to write too much about some of the titles that are actually in the shadow of everything that was issued for the larger consoles.  Let’s start right away with in chronological order and a brief description of the 10 selected titles, which form the basis Crash gameology.

Crash Bandicoot
The first Crash game simply called Crash Bandicoot came out in 1996 exclusively for the Sony PlayStation console. Yes, yes, so much time has already passed. Manufacturers have taken advantage of the new console for a little experimentation within the platform arcade games and in the end, with a lot of luck or no luck, come up with very good results and positive feedback from audiences of all ages. A large number of thematically different levels, bonus tracks and a variety of secret and playful elements that do not belong to the integrated whole were really refreshing at the time and a worthy replacement for Mario that was shown on the Nintendo 64. The story takes us to the small islands in southeastern Australia, ruled by the evil scientist Doctor Neo Cortex. With the help of his colleagues and assistants developes Evolve beam which is used to evolve the various animals on the island causing extensive pollution. One of their experiments was the bandicoot animal – Crash. After using the rays of the crash, satisfied with the result they wanted to conduct further experiments on him by which the cortex had complete control of the crash, but Crash manages to escape. During his captivity he became close with Tawnaom, female bandicoot who was still trapped by Cortex. Crash decides to save islands of various poisons, which was the product of these experiments and finally defeat Cortex. Interestingly, the Tawnaom, which he finally manages to save, never appears in the Crash series until the release of party game Crash Boom Band for Nintendo DS. The reason was that Tawni dumped Crash to Pinstripea, but later the developers from Naughty Dog said that Tawni contained her appearance too much sexappeal that is not appropriate for the children players. However, the writers are not too much later explained, nor pay attention to some facts from the first Crash so it’s all become quite trivial. The game itself has received very good reviews in all the magazines. Ratings ranged between 75 and 90 percent, and it is interesting to mention the negative criticism from GameSpot reviews, which they called the game ‘repetitive, boring and barely average’ and assess with 6.8 / 10. As a recognizable part of the game was Aku Aku mask that was great help to Crash in physical and psychological terms but it gained diversity and personality in later sequels. Of course, there are Crash’s vertiginous moves and interesting bosses such as psychotic Ripper Roo and mobster Pinstripe. Crash has been dropped as a solid game with a good basis for the future, but did not become popular enough as it became a year later.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Sequel came out in late 1997 and left some concepts that were still unnecessary, as it is a representation of the level crossing in map form. Naughty Dog team instead of folders ‘invented’ the warp room in which were various doors that allow entrance into a certain level of the game. Each warp room had 5 levels, and the boss when you finish all five. After that, you move into a new warp room with 5 new levels and new bosses etc. This formula of progression through the game became an instant classic which was later appropriated by another platform games, but not so successfully. Facilitated way of playing game and ability of saving game after each level (and not after crossing the bonus level in the first game) is indifferent impressed and attracted a different population for the casual play this ‘sweet orange creature’. Simplicity, great entertainment provided by the breaking crates and mindlessly pick apples, interesting and humorous dialogues contributed to the addictive gameplay with which ensued great popularity and unstoppable Crash Mania. Naughty Dog are masters who know that iron strikes while it’s hot so under 300 days, we get a …

Crash Bandicoot: Warped
The third game of  lovely Crash brought a lot of new freshness and interest all of the already well-established group of fans. The story begins where it ends in the second half. So, after the final battle of  Dr. Cortex and his assistant Dr. Nitrus Bio who tried to destroy Cortex and the space station using a laser, which is filled with 42 gems that Crash in the second part collected. As a result it was struck an ancient monument from which freed the unknown dark being. This creature was eventually Aku Aku’s brother Uka Uka, naughty dark mask, disappointed with Cortex’s failed attempts to rule the world called N.Tropya, a guy who can manage time with his time twister. Time Twister is now actually become a new hub and there are levels in different time periods and locations. The goal is to find all the crystals with which will be able to rule the world, but unlike previous attempts, now they will be collected at time of original creation. Crash and his sister Coco, along with a good mask Aku Aku go into time-twister to collect the crystals and prevent the Neo and the others to abuse them. As for the game itself, this is by far the best, most popular and most playable sequel of Crash series. Too much innovation is inserted in only one year. From the new vision levels that are located in different time periods, a large number of levels, another playable character (Coco, Crash’s sister) to a level that consist of driving certain vehicles and new prizes that you get after the defeating boss. These awards are actually new capabilities that give Crash, and the most interesting and notable is certainly a bazooka that shoots an apple. Many of this extension are still considered as the best arcade of all time, or one of the best platformer. Certainly one of the most memorable PlayStation classics that even today we love to play, or at least love to remember. Great success that critics and audiences marked as the golden age of Crash series. This was the last Crash of this type for the Playstation which produced the original Naughty Dog team. With the appearance of the PlayStation 2 console team has moved on to new challenges and projects, and other teams were taken over the Crash. But the last game by Naughty Dog was something totally different, and somewhat logical sequence of these games.

Crash Team Racing
Last game developed by Naughty Dog was the arcade racing with most of the characters from the Crash series, as well as some new ones of course. It came out in 1999’s, again exclusively for the Playstation. Despite the change of style and genre it was a huge success and delighted majority of fans. The possibility of jumping into kart and a large selection of weapons, interesting boss races and contagious multiplayer game that is actually the most responsible for the success which enabled the Naughty Dog team to go with a bang. All trails that you drive in the game are nothing compared to the last trail and last opponent Nitros Oxide, crazy alien who goes from planet to planet, claiming that is the fastest in the universe.. If you win, Oxide will leave Earth and leave all of your things alone … But if you lose it’s all over. At least he says so. CTR is another classic from Naughty Dog workshop of a small orange furry rodent which became ​​a gaming icon, But what happens to Crash after that?

Crash Bash
Oh yeah, here we go already in some nebulous. So, the first game in the new century, released in November 2000, was also the (deep intake of air): The first game not developed by Naughty Dog, the latest sequel to the PlayStation console, the last exclusive to the PlayStation console and the first Crash game party genre. You know, a lot of mini games – different themes, best for the 4 players, more or less quickly get bored etc.. Eurocom, a branch of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., took matters into his own hands and with a party grenre try to held Crash’s popularity. The idea is pretty simple-make the outrageous mini-games, make them as much as possible and delight all ages with a fun multiplayer. Of course, the strength of the Crash in any genre is Adventure mode, which was also crowded with boss-specific missions that involve collecting gems, crystals, etc.. Story is even easier than usual, but regardless of the simplicity it’s a very funny and entertaining. Aku Aku and Uka Uka are arguing which side is stronger good or evil side. After a few months of arguing, they decide to solve it by inviting their friends who will represent the warring parties and will, through a number of different disciplines resolve the problem. Aku Aku called Crash and his sister Coco, while Uka Uka brings Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. Nitrus Brio, Tiny Tiger, Koala Kong, and Rilla Dingodilea Rooa. Aku Aku complains that he invited them too many, but Uka Uka does not think so. At the end Uka Uka gives two of his to be equal – Tiny Tiger and Dingodile. Crash fans already have the basis for a good laugh, and the game will maintain interest until they pass all the levels and boss. Multiplayer depends only on you, owning Multitap and your friends / peers. Crash Bash game is welcomed by diverse and mixed reviews. Ratings are ranged from 70 to 90% in certain magazines which is today considered by one of the biggest hits for the PlayStation console.  Important information is that the game to the present day was sold in 1.1 million copies.

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
At the end of 2001, again on time as always, came the first Crash game for the PlayStation 2 in the original genre. Fans were expecting a lot, developers too, but in fear of messing too much with the original Crash’s forumula of arcade platform, we got exactly that – already seen Crash game without any courage in any context or aspect of the game. It’s just been a major criticism for Travellers Tales who have not used the new console and do something good, millenium like at that moment was a game Jak and Daxter. Oh, the irony. The Wrath of Cortex sold more than 1.7 million copies, and though the end it seemed that Crash Bandicoot is one of the most successful commercial games of the 21st century, expectations for sales was much higher. The game was also released for the Xbox and GameCube and everywhere garnered scores between 60 and 80%, no one gave it too much credit because of predictability, unused new techniques and the lack of original humor that adorned the previous adventures. It’s not necessary to describe story mode of the game in detail because it was, as we noted, the same.

Crash Nitro Kart
Apparently making good platformer and realization of ideas needs a lot more time. While everyone is waiting for it,  2002 passes without great Crash titles in three world leading gaming consoles. Then there was a continuation of Crash Team Racing for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube. Vicarious Visions are decided to make worthy sequel and produce a great marketing success. Emperor Velo XXVII is the most powerful driver in the galaxy and he heard of Oxide defeat on Earth. He comes down and catches Crash, Coco, Cortex and others and puts them in an arena where after various battles, tournaments and races, winner fight against the Emperor and it’s the only way to free and save his friends and the planet. It is interesting to note that this title was the first Crash game released for N-Gage. Progression in the game is already known to all, as well as bosses and multiplayer options. All had a good time with this new karting game, because of past glories, partly because of the new and improved appearance of the new and improved consoles.

Crash Twinsanity
September 2004 has brought us a new project that was planned even before The Wrath of Cortex games. Travellers Tales have worked up the courage to engage in deconstruction and reconstruction of the arcade platformers that Crash previously represented. They created the adventure without linear movement through the levels, and the Cortex was a playable character along with Crash. Humor is back in all its glory, as the common actions of Crash and Cortex, partly because of the constant fights which ran through the game. As for the story, Neo and Crash have just had to team up to prevent a greater evil, and that plot takes you through the first couple of levels, which are actually a battle between these two in the comic trick full of humor and inarticulate sounds, where you manage both of them in certain parts of the level . Repetition and ordinariness that has graced the last few Crash games is finally gone. Despite all this, the game was pretty confusing, we sometimes lost in the controls, sometimes it was too heavy to play due to lack of access to basic information etc. The majority could cross trough these flaws, but the shortness of the game, and too much competition at that time (Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank …) which again were two steps ahead of Crash were the only reason for the average rating and relatively moderate sales.

Crash Tag Team Racing
Radical Entertainment went to the creation of a third Crash kart games. This has had the title ‘Tag’ which is actually marked as the greatest innovation, and that is the ability to connect your car with an opponent where one operated new connected vehicle, and another shot at opponents. Very nice idea that just comes alive in multiplayer mode. Playing the story mode is a little different than usual in this game. Specifically, Crash moved freely across levels and performing minor tasks in the form of platform and finding rooms with trails where he raced,  buying more characters, equipment and bonuses. The very principle of the race was less dynamic than the previous two installments, and some characters in general were no longer popular. The story is looser than usual, the characters that we know before were virtually unrecognizable, graphics average, average gameplay, the idea hardly innovative. Tag Team Racing has encountered more resentment than praise, which resulted in poor grades, poor earnings and a major reduction in popularity of Crash. After a certain edition games for various handheld consoles that are not worth mentioning too, in 2007 it finally appeared in real glimmer of hope for the return of Crash and his magical and playable world.

Crash of the Titans
The game was developed at least two and a half years, and with good reason. Released on a number of platforms (Wii, XBox 360, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance), among which is nowhere felt the consequences of the conversion, bugs or problems with the sound and / or controls the main character. Throughout the game are 15 different enemies of enormous size, which you can ‘ride’, and each of them has their own unique strengths and weaknesses and special abilities. These skills will be very important to solve certain puzzles or obstacles on some levels. If we go back to 1998 into the third sequel of the Crash, we can get an excellent example of how it was. Now some capabilities that were previously barely came to the fore (hanging on the vines, the use of stepping-stones, non-linear motion …) is now gaining in importance and better performance. Crash will be able to explore every inch of each level and an even better and less coiled way than in Crash Tag Team Racing. All we can do here is still say that Crash successfully returned and delighted all. From solid to high ratings in all reputable gaming magazines and e-zines to fans who are anything but disappointed.

As already mentioned, the Crash Bandicoot games are slowly but surely reached cult status among gamers worldwide.  We hope that you are satisfied and you will find these data useful, in the form of work, as a historical fact, just for fun and complement to your knowledge, or as material for a nice cup of coffee.

We even dedicated an infographic to this excellent, favorite game of all generations: