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3 Legal Things You Should Know Before Buying 4D Number Plates in 2024

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There are many benefits of replacing your standard registration plates with personalized ones. A lot of people choose them as a way to improve the appearance of their vehicles. Moreover, you could attract more buyers because personalized plates hide the year of production. On the other side, investing in some unique combination of 3D and 4D plates could bring you the possibility to make a great profit by selling it after a few years.

The 4D number plates are especially popular in recent years because they provide the car with an improved appearance. Manufacturers are using laser technology to create acrylic characters that create an amazing effect on the reflective plates. Moreover, you can choose regular or personalized registration numbers. If you are interested in personalized 4D number plates, visit ShowPlatesExpress.

Furthermore, you can choose between three methods of buying personalized plates, over a broker, private sale, and from an official registration agency. The regulations related to 4D plates are the same as for any other model of registration license. Here are some important things related to the legality that you must know before buying 4D number plates.

Tinted Number Plates

According to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, drivers are not allowed to redesign the plates in any way. Therefore, if you wanted to add some shade on the plates to make them more attractive, you have to know that it represents a violation of the law, and you might end up with a penalty.

On the other hand, there are many cases already, where people tried to avoid this regulation. With the advancements in technology, it is possible to order plates in various styles and designs, but you have to know the rules and comply with them. In that matter, choose only legitimate sources when you are buying this product.

Legal Size and Color of Number Plates

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Every country has strict rules related to the proper size of registration plates. Also, we can notice a big difference between the dimensions of plates in Europe and the United States. Moreover, even European countries don’t share the same regulations.

For example, Luxemburg and Netherland have a rule where both front and rear plates must be in yellow, while in the United Kingdom, the only rear side should be yellow, while the front has to be white. When it comes to the size of characters, they must be 7.9 cm in height, and 1.4 cm in width. Also, there are variations related to the space between characters, which should be at least 3.3 cm between the letters and age identifier.

Allowed Format and Design

It is very important to follow all the rules related to the proper choice of number plates for your car. The average penalty for driving without or with a fake registration number is around 1,000 pounds. Also, the police will have to remove your vehicle from traffic. When it comes to the rules related to the format of the plates, they are different from country to country. When it comes to the United Kingdom, the plate must have two letters, at the beginning, two numbers, and three characters in the end.

While the last three letters are random, the first two are related to the location where the vehicle is officially licensed for driving, while the numbers determine the year of production. Also, you must have a particular font. Another ability when you live in the UK is that you could add a flag of countries that are part of the kingdom, such as England, Scotland, and Wales. Nevertheless, it is forbidden to add any sort of patterns or anything else that would make the characters less visible.

Advantages of 4D Number Plates

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As we already mentioned, investing in these plates can improve the appearance of your vehicle, and even raise its value. Another advantage is that you could earn a lot of money if you manage to choose some unique combination of characters. We can see a lot of examples where people spend millions only to get a special combination of their vehicles. On the other side, these plates are also beneficial for police, since it is much easier to notice and remember the letters and numbers when they are in 3D or 4D, and the reflective surface.

When it comes to buying, the most affordable and easiest method is to visit a local official agency or check their database online, where you can see all of the available combinations. Also, you can check some online platforms where people are selling their personalized number plates. If you manage to get some interesting ones, you will attract much more attention from vehicles and people around you.


As you can see, having a 4D plate on your car is completely legal as long as you are following the official regulations. This method represents the advanced version of 3D plates that provides an even more attractive appearance. Also, the process of getting ones for your car is quite simple, and you can choose an online platform, select preferred numbers, and wait for confirmation. You will get your registration plates at your address. Moreover, you will also get a certificate that you are allowed to drive with your old plates until you get new ones.  

The officials had to implement high-security measures because it is very easy to make a copy that is not in any database. Especially today, when we can create original copies with 3D printers. Adding these plates on some sports vehicle is especially popular because it will add another note to its design. Nevertheless, when it comes to personalized number plates, you have to know that there are some rules related to the preferred combination. In that matter, you are not allowed to choose any phrases that can be linked with vulgarity, racism, or any other inappropriate terms. On the other hand, you can choose some interesting terms that will cheer up other people in traffic or characters related to your private business, which is a great method of promotion.