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8 Reasons Why Airsoft Is Better Than Paintball

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If you are a beginner in this area, and you do not know whether you should consider airsoft rather than paintball, we prepared this article for you. Below, you will find some of the crucial advantages that airsoft offers to its players which makes it a much more popular option compared to paintball.

1. The real look of the airsoft of the weapon

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When it comes to the crucial difference between the airsoft and the paintball, we must highlight the weapon selection. In the airsoft, the weapon looks like a real gun. This goes to the point that airsoft weapons need to have a special 6mm orange pointer at the end in order to be recognized as a weapon made for the airsoft.

Many things give the confusion and make the appearance of the airsoft guns so similar to the real ones, including the equipment, design, strength, and potential. If you are interested, you can check surplusstore.co.uk and see a big selection of various airsoft weapons. If you plan to start with airsoft activity, you should find the propel weapon for you. When you are choosing, you need to search very well for the one that will suit your needs, and that’s the reason why a wide range of options is so beneficial.

2. The precision of the airsoft gun shooting

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When it comes to the airsoft bbs, they are much smaller than paintball pellets which means they are more resistant to the wind. As a result, their precision is better. Despite that, if you already played paintball, you probably noticed how big paintball pellets are.

More precisely, you can see them flying towards you, so you have time to hide and avoid them. On the other hand, airsoft bbs are so small, which means they are not noticeable. This is one more thing that influences the precision of airsoft guns. In other words, the hit percent is a lot bigger in this case.

3. Airsoft gives you a feeling that you are in a real battle

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One more advantage that airsoft provides compared to the paintball is the real battle experience. While you are playing airsoft, you will have a feeling that you are participating in a real battle with the appearance and power of the airsoft weapons as well as the strategic use that plays a big part in this performance. If the team wants to win, it is necessary to develop different strategies and play smartly. Understanding the importance of the tactical side in the airsoft battle will make you realize that this game is more than a sports activity.

4. Effectivity and functionality of the airsoft guns

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When we are talking about the features that airsoft guns offer to the users, we must agree that it provides more functionality and effectiveness than the paintball weapon. The weight of the airsoft weapons varies from 2 to 6 pounds which is considered as a light and extra weight weapon. Despite that, the size of the airsoft ammunition can vary from 12 to 28 grams with the fact that it is mostly used as a 20-gram weapon.

In the case of a paintball weapon, the weight is typically 5 pounds, but it can get to 15 pounds. With this in mind, it is logical to conclude that airsoft weapons are easier to handle and carry because of the lighter weight. Also, it is a much easier targeting which makes airsoft weapons much more functional. Despite this, airsoft bbs can fly at speed of 150 to 600 feet per second, and paintball pellets can fry from 200 to 300 feet per second. This gives you a clear insight into which type of weapon is faster.

5. Affordability of the airsoft weapon

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If we compare the price of the airsoft and paintball guns with their quality, the airsoft guns will have an advantage. The price for a quality airsoft electric gun goes around $22.95, and the cost of the ammunition for this gun is not so expensive, it is around $11.95 for 4000 airsoft bbs. If we are looking for the same quality of equipment, a paintball gun costs around $79.95, and a paintball pellet will cost about $59.98. As a result, it is a much better option to purchase quality airsoft ammunition than the paintball. You can save money and invest in something that has better features and reputation.

6. Airsoft is a comprehensive game with special rules

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In Airsoft, there are clearly defined duties, hierarchy, and rules. More precisely, there are two teams in which every person has a special function. There are actually a leader, tactical police officer, recon, rifleman, sniper, and hefty infantry.

Despite these, there could be other roles depending on the situation. When it comes to a paintball, there is no strict hierarchy. However, there are usually frontmen, mud-players, and back gamers. As you see, if you want to include yourself in a real strategic game with a hierarchical chain and commands, airsoft will probably be a better option.

7. The airsoft gun is used for training

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Interestingly, the real army actually practices often with the gun and ammunition made for airsoft. Both army force and enforcement agents use these guns for their training before they start using the real weapon. That probably says a lot about their quality and value.

8. You can upgrade your airsoft weapon

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As we said, one of the benefits that airsoft guns provide is their affordability. With this in mind, it is much accessible, cheaper, and easier to upgrade these weapons. There are various options on the market for upgrading the airsoft weapon. When it comes to the external upgrades, you can consider different holds, ranges, and switches.

On the other hand, there are different internal upgrades for a lower price as well such as nozzles, integrals, transmission performance increasing. The best part about airsoft is that you can start playing as a beginner without much-investing money in it. And then, when you become really good in this field and want to advance, you can easily upgrade your weapon for a low price.